BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Heading To The BIG HOUSE After F.B.I. Opens INVESTIGATION


Bernie and Jane Sanders are now BOTH under FBI Investigation for Bank Fraud and it could not have happened to two nicer people!

Hypocrisy thy name is Bernie!  The 2016 “anti-bank and “anti-corruption” Democrat presidential candidate who railed against Wall Street “Fat Cats” demanding they pay their “fair share” and went on long-winded diatribes about how people deserve a “living wage” while demanding the minimum wage be raised to $15.00 per hour.


Yet Bernie is the same guy that pays his own interns a measly $12.00 per hour, plopped down a cool $600,000 for his third home on beautiful Lake Champlain only months after calling it quits on the campaign trail, while he jets around in his Audi R8 supercar with the $170,000 price tag.  Bernie and Jane Sanders are not exactly practicing what they preach by any stretch! That doesn’t even take into account how Bernie managed to dupe his rabid band of Bernie bots into believing he is some sort of champion of the common man and scoring an advance of almost $800,000 on his new book – “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.”

I wonder if that future includes a lengthy and highly publicized trial as well as the possibility of the inside of a jail cell? Somehow I don’t think so.

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The Sanders are lawyering up with the best defense attorneys that their ill-gotten gains can buy as this FBI investigation into Jane Sanders and the loan she obtained to expand Burlington College while she was President of the College picks up steam, according to both Politico and CBS.


Jane is being accused of distorting donor levels in a 2010 loan application for $10 million from People’s United Bank to purchase 33 acres of land for the institution. She is also being investigated for her role in the possible fraudulent acquisition of nearly $7 million in tax-exempt bonds.  Federal prosecutors are looking into allegations that Bernie’s office inappropriately used the influence of his Senatorial office in Vermont to urge the bank to approve the loan.

Sen. Sanders, formerly mayor of Burlington, Vermont’s largest city, regards the claims as a political game levied against him after his run for president in the 2016 primary election, a platform which has transformed the small-state senator into an influential voice in American liberal politics. – CBS News 


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An employee subpoenaed as part of the ongoing FBI investigation into the potential fraudulent dealings of the Sanders was former Dean of Operations for the now defunct Burlington College, Coralee Holm. According to The Vermont Journalism Trust, she was questioned about the fundraising activities related to the expansion of the college headed up by Jane Sanders.

According to the emails obtained via a FOIA request as well as the testimony of Holm, Jane Sanders was the mastermind of the expansion plan.  Jane was the president of Burlington College from 2004 to 2011 and this expansion plan was supposed to more than double the enrollment of the school, taking it from about 200 full-time students to over 400.  However, that plan came with a hefty price tag, forcing the school to take on  $10 million in debt to finance the purchase of an expansive new campus. The real estate purchase backfired in epic fashion, ultimately leading to Jane leaving the college and its financial collapse.

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Burlington College was founded in 1972 and consistently had fewer than 300 students throughout its history.  The school catered to a niche market interested in its study abroad program that offered the rare opportunity to study in places like Cuba. Throughout the existence of the school, it had virtually no endowment and an annual budget of roughly $4 million.

The expansion plan involved the purchase of a 33-acre plot on Lake Champlain owned by the Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The diocese was selling the property in an effort to help pay for a $17 million settlement from a bevy of sex-abuse lawsuits. In order to finance the purchase, the school made a case to the Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Finance Agency. This agency issues tax-exempt state bonds for the benefit of nonprofit institutions such as schools or hospitals for the state of Vermont.

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People’s Bank then agreed to purchase the bonds with the contingency of minimum commitments of $2.27 million in grants and donations prior to closing with Senator Bernie’s office leaning on them using the influence of his government office. Jane presented to the Bank and the Agency that the school had already lined up multiple donors ready to hand over their hard earned cash to the tune of $2.6 million. She also promised more donors would be forthcoming. With this pledge, the state agency granted the school $6.7 million in tax-exempt bonds in 2010.

Of course, the donations promised never materialized as promised, in fact, from 2010 to 2014 the school received a sum total of $676,000 in donations — nowhere near the $2.6 million in donations  Jane Sanders promised, nor did Bernie use his Senatorial influence to assist with donations in an effort to keep the college afloat or make payments either.

More suspect than that Christine Plunkett, Jane’s successor as Burlington College president, expressed complete surprise about the significant lack of donations according to interviews given to local CBS affiliate WCAX-TV. Even more interesting, Plunkett was the vice-president for administration and finance during Jane’s tenure as president of the school.  Would she not have had access to all of these records as well?


The request for investigation notes that defrauding a bank is a federal crime; it’s punishable by up to 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines, according to federal code. 

Source- AFF 

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