Bernie Sanders Sends SPY To Expose Arpaio’s ‘Tent City’… They NEVER Expected THIS To Happen [VID]


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City has been the center of controversy among bleeding heart liberals who feel it’s unfair to house criminals in tents and make them wear pink underwear. Personally, I think it’s brilliant.

Socialist Bernie Sanders sent his wife (yes, he’s married somehow) to ambush Arpaio’s compound and stir up problems but things didn’t go quite as planned.

She originally was set to just tour the fence line to get an idea of what it’s like at the compound, according to KTVK.


“Hearing secondhand is not the way we make our judgments,” Mrs. Sanders said. “I think it’s important to see things firsthand.”

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While touring near the fence, she was surprised to run into none other than the great Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who offered he a tour of the facility and a chance to talk to inmates.


“My main mission here is to let you get a taste of Tent City,” Arpaio said.



Arpaio and Sanders walked inside Tent City and discussed how the facility is run. Sanders had a concern that many of the inmates are preconviction, but Arpaio quickly set her straight.

“They’re all convicted, so no preconviction,” Arpaio said. “Nope, that’s why I like talk to you to get my side out.”

Sanders also got the opportunity to speak with several inmates and heard first-hand about their time in Tent City. One inmate said the facility allows him to cut his incarceration in half by being a member of a work detail.

“That’s a plus,” said Luis Delatore, a Tent City inmate.”That’s a benefit so I mean instead of the nine months that I am doing, I am going to do four months.”

So far, the ambush is a complete failure!

Sanders also expressed concern that the inmates are in there for being undocumented. Apraio set her straight again.

“Undocumented inmates are not here for that reason,” Arpaio said. “They’re here for other crimes.”

Boom! I’d love to have seen her face when he schooled her- or maybe not, I mean she CAN’T be pleasant to look at after all she’s married tho BERNIE! 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

Yes! Sheriff Joe shut that commie down big time!

America’s Freedom Fighters reported that Arpaio is all for Donald Trump being the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

“I’m very excited supporting Donald Trump. and I hope that all of you are, and I hope the people understand where he’s coming from and make sure he becomes the next president of the United States,” Arpaio said.

“What I like about him, he tells it like it is, most politicians, they are very politically correct, have you noticed? Nobody says anything, I can never understand. I can understand when he talks, some may not like it but that’s tough…”

“I’ve had four presidential candidates visit me in the tents, and they all lost, I tried to get Hillary down here, but she’s too smart. She won’t come to the tents. I’d even give her a free pair of pink underwear,” Arpaio said.

Lol. Hillary in pink underwear.

Now I need a beer…

God Bless.


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