Sanders was 31-years-old at the time he wrote this disgusting piece of drivel and had just launched his first campaign bid for Senate.  He lost several times before becoming the Mayor of Burlington, Vermont some nine years later. At the time he was an anti-war draft dodger, a proponent of guaranteeing a livable minimum wage, cracking down on big corporations and legalizing drugs and it does not seem that much has changed.

In addition to Sanders dangerous and ridiculous politics, it seems he is a deviant with a fraudster and thief as a wife.  They make quite the pair and likely fit in wonderfully with the deviants of D.C.  However, with the American people? No, not so much….at least not those of us that understand even the most rudimentary of economic principles.  You know principles like money does not grow on trees in the backyard and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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Yet this person is the left’s potential choice for president over current President Donald Trump.  Politico touts Sanders as the country’s most popular active elected official, proclaiming other potential candidates will have to build their campaigns around him. Following the election, he was appointed as “outreach chairman” for Senate Democrats.

According to a survey conducted by The Hill just last week, Sanders was ranked as leading amongst Democratic candidates. A Morning Consult poll last week, claims that Sanders currently leads President Trump if the election were held today in a hypothetical 2020 matchup.  The poll shows Sanders at 42% and current President Trump at just 36%.  Now keep in mind, these are the same people with the same skewed poll results that ran all during the 2016 presidential election proclaiming to one and all that Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide.  She didn’t….so take those numbers with a grain of salt. However, it should be alarming that an avowed socialist with a penchant for gang rape fantasies and violence against women is considered a favorite, especially in light of the current sexual abuse scandals rocking both Hollywood and Washington alike.

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