Bernie STUNS With Answer For America’s New Debt Crisis, Proves Why Socialism Is GARBAGE


America is currently facing down another debt crisis in Puerto Rico, and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders thinks he has the answer for it.

Puerto Rico is currently over $70 billion in debt, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. While most halfway intelligent people with a basic understanding of economics works suggest tough measures to get spending under control, Bernie is proposing the opposite.


According to the Associated Press, all of America will feel the Bern if Sanders’ latest bill ends up getting passed. He wants to throw billions at the troubled territory rather than force the government to reel in its spending.

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“His bill would allow the Federal Reserve to give the territory emergency loans and provide broad bankruptcy protections, unlike legislation approved by a House committee last week that would create a control board to oversee limited debt restructuring.”


Apparently Bernie is throwing in another $10.8 billion for Puerto Rico to work on its infrastructure too. In a statement about the situation, he decried austerity as a solution, and instead said that more government is the solution.

“The solution to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is not more austerity. The solution is more economic development, more jobs and less poverty.”


Fortunately, it doesn’t appear as if his idea is going to go anywhere fast since House Republicans have a plan of their own that doesn’t involve throwing money at the problem. But with the Puerto Rico primaries just three days away, it appears as if Sanders is doing everything he can to ensure a victory over Hillary Clinton, including the promise of more “free” stuff.

Ironically, it’s the type of thinking that Sanders is employing as a “solution” that put Puerto Rico in the position it’s in to begin with. So obviously the answer isn’t more of the same, but like most other socialists, he refuses to admit that his ideas have been tried, failed, renamed, tried again, failed, and now he’s trying to repackage them yet again.

These people really won’t ever learn, will they?



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