Beyoncé’s ‘Black Power’ Show Unifying? Look What Thug Shouted During Hate Crime Day After

Supporters of Beyoncé’s racist Super Bowl halftime show have said that it was meant to bring unity to the country, even though its entire theme was around so-called “Black Power,” a term coined in the 60’s by black supremacist group the Black Panther Party. Well, they may want to think about that one again. After hearing what a thug shouted just before attacking a white man, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

On Monday, a feral thug took to the subway in Brooklyn to find himself the nearest white man to attack, and once he had the opportunity, he allowed his savage side to manifest in the form of a sucker punch landed on his 51-year-old victim. The New York Daily News reported that the attack occurred around 5:40 p.m., and the unsuspecting victim was knocked to the ground by the brute force of the thug’s punch.

Beyoncé’s ‘Black Power’ Show Unifying? Look What Thug Shouted During Hate Crime Day After

Suspected feral thug (Image credit: New York Daily News)

The assault came on the heels of a similar attack the day prior in the same area, but in that incident motive was unknown. Such isn’t the case I Monday’s attack, where the feral thugs had a very specific message for his innocent victim.

“This is for Malcolm X, cracka!” shouted the thug as he unloaded on the white man. Gee, wonder where he ever got that idea?


Fortunately, the unidentified victim wasn’t seriously injured, but that’s more a matter of luck than it is lack of intent. Obviously anybody committing such a crime is trying to hurt whoever they’re attacking.

Oddly enough, despite the fact that the assailant’s motives seem quite clear – he’s racist and just wanted to attack white people – the police have yet to actually label it a hate crime. Although to be fair, their Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the assault.

Beyoncé’s ‘Black Power’ Show Unifying? Look What Thug Shouted During Hate Crime Day After

Randy Aveille (Image credit: New York Daily News)

Currently, police are trying to determine if it’s the same suspect in both attacks, which share the same M.O. In Sunday’s attack, the feral thugs shouted “Cracka, you don’t belong here!” before unloading on 44-year-old Randy Aveille – also a white man – who was with his fiancée getting of the subway.

Apparently, Beyoncé’s “unifying” message didn’t get through to this thug, and it’s easy to see why. After seeing the blatantly racist show and hearing its message of “Black Power,” this man likely felt empowered to go out and show whitey who’s boss.


Isn’t that nice? Beyoncé set out to make the point that racism is alive and well in America, and she’s right – she only has to look to her brothers and sisters to find it.

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God Bless.


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