BREAKING: We Just Found Out What Biden Is Going To Do To The Border Wall- LOOK At His Plan, It’s Time To Take ACTION

President-Elect Joe Biden said he will ensure there is a “thorough investigation” by the Justice Department into officials of President Donald Trump’s administration who crafted and carried out the “Zero Tolerance” policy at the United States-Mexico border to deter illegal immigration, Breitbart reports.

During a press conference on January 8, Biden committed to having the Justice Department open an investigation into Trump officials who carried out the Zero Tolerance policy through which adult border crossers entered separate custody from the children they arrived at the southern border with.


Biden and his advisers have said they plan to tear down the legal wall that Trump has erected to close loopholes and eliminate fraud for the purpose of reducing illegal immigration.

The nation’s borders have long been a hot topic of controversy from both sides.  President Trump attempted to provide solutions he and his administration felt were the right way to protect and secure.  The democrats were against everything the President has done and it comes as no surprise that now they intend to dismantle anything and everything that has to do with President Trump’s legacy.

“I’ll commit that our Justice Department, our investigative arms, will make judgments about who is responsible … and whether or not the conduct is criminal across the board,” Biden said. “But as I said yesterday, I am not going to tell the Justice Department who they should prosecute and who they should not.”

“There will be a thorough, thorough investigation of who is responsible and whether or not their responsibility is criminal, and if that is the [conclusion], the Attorney General will make that judgment.


I will introduce an immigration bill immediately and have it sent to the appropriate committees to begin movement. I will in fact countermand executive orders that the president has in fact initiated that are contrary to what I think is either his authority and/or even if it’s his authority, contrary to the interests of the United States on environmental issues and a range of other things.”” Biden continued.

The Obama administration, for which Biden served as vice president, often used fencing barriers in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) facilities to house child migrants. 

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with immigration and immigrants crossing our borders, legally or illegally.  This has everything to do with the Democrats hatred of President Trump and his administration.

Biden’s incoming domestic policy adviser Susan Rice and incoming national security adviser Jake Sullivan, in an interview with a Spanish language media outlet, said Biden would be ending Trump’s Central American agreements that have streamlined the asylum process and helped keep illegal immigration down.

Though not immediately ending Remain in Mexico, Rice and Sullivan suggested Biden would end the program at some point in the future, according to the Washington Post:

Rice and Sullivan told EFE the Biden administration would redouble efforts to stem emigration from Central America by creating jobs, battling corruption and improving security. Biden “will work to promptly undo” Trump’s deals with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador allowing the U.S. authorities to transfer asylum seekers to those countries, Sullivan also said. [Emphasis added]

“As currently written, the outgoing administration’s so-called ‘asylum cooperative agreements’ deny the right to apply for asylum in the United States to desperate asylum seekers rather than helping create alternative pathways to protection,” he said. [Emphasis added] Breitbart reported back in December 2020

One thing is now certain beyond any measure, our nation is a nation in crisis and those in power have no desire to put an end to the division.

We must put hope in cooler heads prevailing and somehow, someone will step forward and bring peace and unity back to the people.

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