Biden Caught Taunting And Lunging At Reporters! He’s Done!

Joe Biden had a speaking engagement at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday and he was asked questions by reporters immediately after his speech. When the reporters began yelling out their questions, that was when Biden oddly lunged in his seat.

This is part of a disturbing pattern of behavior from the 46th President where he will taunt reporters in some very odd ways. During Biden’s 2020 campaign, he snapped at reporters numerous times.

Another thing that Biden does is avoid reporters like the plague. The man didn’t speak with the media when he returned to the White House on Sunday. When reporters tried to question Biden during his meeting with the U.N. Secretary-General, he sat quietly and merely lowered his mask, raised his eyebrows, and gave a halfhearted comment to the Secretary-General. Biden is now in the habit of simply ignoring the media and just leaving the podium immediately after he speaks.


Indeed, Biden’s strange behavior is similar to some other bizarre behavior that he exhibited during the 2020 campaign. Biden lunged at a reporter and repeatedly asked him, “Why, why, why…”

There was yet another occasion where CBS News Anchor Ed O’Keefe was asking Biden about the feud he had with Bernie Sanders and he asked Biden, “Yesterday, you said you accepted Bernie’s apology, yet now you’re attacking him. Why’d you do that?” and that is when Biden lunged at him.

Also it was February of 2020 that Biden was asked, “Does it seem like you’re giving up on New Hampshire?” and Biden snapped back at the reporter and proceeded to point his finger in the man’s face, telling him, “I’m not giving up on New Hampshire! And don’t poke that in my face – okay buddy?”

Finally, President Biden called a young Mercer College student a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier,” when she asked him what strategy he is going to use to pull off winning a national election.


This is the man who is supposed to be running our country?!

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