Biden Executive Order IGNORED, He’s FURIOUS



‘President Biden’, the demented DEEP STATE RADICAL FAR LEFT PUPPET has signed a ton of executive orders which have ultimately destroyed America as we know it.

Despite a strong push from President Biden’s administration, few states are taking up the federal government’s offer to help pay for abortions via Medicaid, FOX NEWS reports.

Biden signed an executive order recently which would provide for taxpayer-funded abortions.

However, few state Medicaid agencies are actually applying for federal assistance, according to a recent Politico report.


The reason- it would be a direct violation of the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal tax money from being used to fund abortions.

Additionally, all states where abortions have been banned since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade already provide an exception for abortions to be performed if the mother’s life is in danger, and many provide exceptions for rape and incest.

The order called on Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to offer “access to reproductive healthcare services, including through Medicaid for patients who travel out of state for reproductive healthcare services,” GOP NEWSFEED reports.


When the order was signed, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that it “paves the way for Medicaid to pay for abortions for women having to travel out of state.”

She added, “This [executive order] will not violate the Hyde Amendment.

“It is law, and we followed the law here.”

Only it does not, of that I am certain.

The Hyde Amendment is pretty clear and unless this administration has found some new loophole, this order violated the law.

I am not sure why the GOP is not going after Biden on this, unless they are just waiting to take control of Congress before exploring their options.

My opinion, this should be a talking point after the mid term elections as well as the 2024 Presidential election to show just how much overreach this administration is flexing abusing.

These Communists must be stopped.

We have to take back the White House in 2024 and I think we all know who should be President.

The problem is how to keep these Commies from cheating.

Well, the other problem is how to get their voters to realize that they are lying, cheating, filthy, incompetent SCUMBAGS.

Other than that it should be a piece of cake!

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