Biden Golfs While Americans Are Stranded Behind Enemy Lines In Afghanistan- Media SILENT

Americans are stranded in Afghanistan and it is the current regimes fault.

So what does Biden do? He went golfing. And of course blames President Trump.


I mean, Obama and Trump golfed a lot during their presidencies but Trump never golfed during a disaster like Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan situation not to mention all of the major problems at the border etc.


While Biden and the rest of the radical left refuse to take any accountability, the rest of the nation is left wondering what in the hell is going on.

The blatant disregard for American lives by Biden and the scumbags in office, is not just gut wrenching, it is infuriating that the American people are so complacent with all of the lies and leaving Americans behind.

Breitbart reports that Demented Biden traveled to Fieldstone Golf Club in Delaware on Sunday where he planned to golf with former Sen. Ted Kaufman.

Since concluding his disastrous evacuation of troops out of Afghanistan, Biden has tried to shift the narrative away from the hundreds if not thousands of Americans that were left behind.

The Biden White House has shifted the responsibility for getting Americans out of Afghanistan to Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

The process is ongoing but very slow. On Friday, Blinken announced that a flight with 19 U.S. citizens had evacuated as well as two more citizens out through an overland route.

Americans used to have fire in their eyes when it came to Marxism and communism, now our nation is wrapped up in lies and misinformation being reported by mainstream media.

Our nation is burning and creepy Joe goes golfing! Should anyone be surprised by this, after all, it is not like the puppet president or any of the draconian left radicals have shown ANY signs of actually trying to save our nation.

The GOP is no better, lot’s of people in suits ranting and chest thumping in opposition but NO actions behind their rhetoric and citizens seem to be so desensitized these days that people have become used to the lies and destruction of rights and freedoms.

The reports that have come out that flights are leaving Kabul with Americans aboard are unsubstantiated and nobody is asking to see or talk to the “Americans” that supposedly on these flights.

Breitbart continued, On Thursday, the Taliban allowed a commercial flight with some Americans aboard depart from Kabul, despite holding up departing flights for days.

The White House also temporarily paused flights of Afghanistan refugees on Thursday after discovering four cases of measles among migrants arriving in the United States.

Speaking to reporters on 9/11, Biden acknowledged that his poll numbers had dropped since his disastrous exit from Afghanistan that led to the deaths of 13 American troops.

“I’m told 70 percent of the American people think it was time to get out of Afghanistan,” Biden said. “But the flip of it is, they didn’t like the way we got out.”

He argued that the exit from the war was always going to be messy.

“[I]t’s hard to explain to anybody how else could you get out,” he said.


In another news report, Breitbart reported that Oliver North is in communication with people left behind in Afghanistan.  On this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” retired Lt. Col. Oliver North slammed the Biden administration’s unfulfilled pledge on the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He called the pledge to evacuate all Americans from the Central Asian nation a “blatant lie.”

NORTH: Well, remember, we’re being told by the State Department and by Blinken himself that there’s Americans being rescued coming out on those flights and flying to Doha, Qatar. And, in fact, you can see the airplanes flying off the airfield.

By the way, we don’t have any American correspondents left on the ground. There’s nobody of ours, for example, from FOX News, like we spent — I spent 17 years coming and going in and out of this place.

If those flights had Americans on them, who were they and what are their names? We have yet to hear from anybody who was one of those flights. Many of us suspect that what we’re going to get is, at some point, the so-called businesslike Taliban are going to give us the names of people who they have sent out that who are going to be, let’s call it, the Stockholm syndrome.

They’re going to say nice things about the Taliban, nice things about how the State Department got them out. There are over hundreds, hundreds of Americans left on the ground inside Afghanistan. We don’t know all their names. We don’t know all of them.

They keep saying, if they wanted to get out, they could have gotten out. That’s just not true.

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Reports are coming out that the Taliban is actively hunting down Americans and anyone who worked with America.  Yet if you listen to Biden or mainstream media they say the opposite.

How can anyone believe anything that comes out of the mouths of these radical left lunatics?

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