BREAKING: We Just Found Out Biden Is Bringing Back Obama Era Policy- Liberals Are FURIOUS


You might recall when President Trump was accused of separating kids and parents who illegally entered the United States.

The communist media outlets and the democrats were outraged that President Trump built cages to throw the children in.


They bombarded the airwaves with photos of kids in cages but there was one huge problem- the photos were actually taken during the Obama presidency.

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Propaganda folks.


Well, it looks like Biden intends to throw kids in cages again!

You can’t make this stuff up!

Check this out from Fox News:

The Biden administration said it plans on reactivating a “temporary Influx Care Facility” in Carrizo Springs, Texas, to potentially accommodate up to 700 migrant children within the next two weeks.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a statement obtained by Fox News that said its Office of Refugee Resettlement division currently funds 13,200 licensed beds. Axios reported on Monday that President Biden has faced a crisis at the border with an influx of unaccompanied minors and strict health guidelines in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The report pointed to how the Trump administration was “lambasted” for its use of similar temporary shelters in 2019. Both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris vocally opposed the Trump administration’s immigration priorities during the presidential campaign.

Our nation is already in crisis as the world deals with the CIVID-19 pandemic as well.  Now the Biden administration is opening up our borders and allowing thousands to cross.

We can’t even get our own citizens the healthcare they need as well as children across our nation, but Biden and Harris will make damn sure the illegal immigrants and their children get whatever they need.

Fox News continued:

The facility in Carrizo Springs has been unoccupied since late 2019.

“Initially, the Carrizo Springs ICF will accommodate approximately 700 children in hard-sided structures. Additional semi-permanent (soft-sided) capacity may be added if necessary, though ORR will always prioritize place children in hard-sided structures over semi-permanent structures,” the statement read.

The statement said that the wellbeing of the children are the top priority and is going to run the temporary Influx Care Facility “to the same or higher standards as state-licensed facilities.”

Instead of protecting our nation and citizens from any further spread of the virus, as well as placing mandates and policies on the citizens, Biden and administration are welcoming literally thousands of crossers.

The potential for those to be contaminated with viruses, including any of the COVID -19 strains, is very high and places our nation at further risk.  It does not matter what anyone’s opinion is of the virus, the truth is, Biden and his administration are putting illegal immigrants above3 our nations security and the safety of its citizens.

Renaming these detention centers “temporary Influx Care Facilities’ now, when they were the ones calling them detention facilities during the trump presidency.

Before the arrival of the caravans, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that seeks to revamp welfare-dependent legal immigration to the United States by eliminating certain regulations and demanding a review of current enforcement practices.

On Tuesday, Biden signed an order that revokes a crackdown on welfare-dependent legal immigration that sought to protect American taxpayers from being forced to foot the bill for federal benefits provided to foreign nationals seeking green cards.

In May 2019, President Trump signed an order to enforce Clinton-era laws from 1996 that delegated all financial responsibility to a family member or business sponsor of a foreign national seeking a green card when they had previously used welfare programs. The order cut loose taxpayers from having to pay the cost. Breitbart Report

This way the American taxpayers get to foot the bills for the illegal immigrants health care and welfare.  I wonder of those that actually voted for Biden will be happy with taxes being raised and our nations security put at risk.

Breitbart continued, Biden’s order also requests multiple federal agencies to “review all agency actions related to implementation” of what is known as the “Public Charge” rule.

The rule, implemented by Trump last year, made it less likely that foreign nationals would secure green cards to permanently stay in the U.S. if they had previously taken welfare — including any cash benefits for income maintenance, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, and food stamps. The order requires:

This review should consider and evaluate the current effects of these agency actions and the implications of their continued implementation … identify appropriate agency actions, if any, to address concerns about the current public charge policies’ effect on the integrity of the Nation’s immigration system and public health.

Biden’s seeking to revoke the Public Charge rule would amount to a billion-dollar tax hike for taxpayers.

This is the new America, the peace and unity that the Biden administration has promised to the citizens of the United States.

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God Bless.

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