It’s Finally Happening! Biden Is Going DOWN And LOOK Who Is Doing It- It’s NOT The Republicans! WOW!


For decades now we have watched past Presidents take war actions at will in numerous countries across the globe without any checks from other branches of government. In the past depending on who was in office, the lame stream media would tell us that it was a good thing if democrats had the power, or war crimes if it was the Republicans.



Finally after years of crying from Libertarians and anti war democrats, along with the anti military hippies, the Senate has taken steps to put the Executive branch in check. A Bipartisan bill was introduced by Tim Kaine (Democrat) and Todd Young (Republican) on Wednesday. This bill would bring an end to the 20 year long conflict in the middle east that has taken our brothers, sisters, and is now taking our sons and daughters as they tap out their parents from combat zones in deployment rotations.


Sen. Kaine WV

Sen. Ind. With President Trump

The bill would repeal the 1991 and 2002 authorizations that have enabled numerous Presidents to drag us down deeper and deeper into being the world’s police in countries that haven’t changed their ways for over 2000 years. Many said that when we invaded Afghanistan, that it would need to be quick and precise, with a quick withdraw. If we failed to do this, we would end like every other nation that invaded Afghanistan in doom and demise. Part of me wonders if the morale decline of our great country doesn’t have something to do with our invasion.



Congress for the last several decades has pretty much sat on it’s hands giving total control to the Executive branch for all military actions. Under President Trump we saw the military morale surge as his administration fought to end wars and bring our men and women home. Now under Obiden administration, we are watching as Dementia Joe lobs drones at random targets in Syria as well as sending more troops back into the country. Sleepy Joe has also stated numerous times that he might be inclined to send troops to Myanmar ,formerly know as Burma, to assist it’s government there who are currently embattled in a power struggle with it’s military. Yes that’s right, a real coup or insurrection is actually taking place, and Joe wants to get involved.


Myanmar Location


“Congress has been operating on autopilot when it comes to our essential duties to authorize the use of military force,” Young said. “The fact that authorities for both of these wars are still law today is illustrative of the bipartisan failure of Congress to perform its constitutionally-mandated oversight role.” As a veteran of our great military, I too have to agree with the President Trump in ending these wars, and I fully agree with bringing the war powers act to an end.


At this point, anything Congress or Senate can do to pull power away from dementia Joe and whomever is pulling his strings is a win for the United States, and the rest of the world. We can’t afford to let any one person run wild just because they have some vague exemption to do so. If the law makers won’t do their jobs and hold Presidents and the executive branch’s accountable, then they are just as guilty!


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