BREAKING: Biden Just Made American’s Lives Even WORSE By Doing THIS


Thanks to Obiden, energy prices in America hit new record highs every day with no end in sight, leaving American families wondering when relief will come- if ever.

Relief will not come until Biden and the green energy lunatics are booted out of office.

During one of his lame and demented press conference last week, Biden said that high gas prices were part of an “incredible transition” to become “less reliant on fossil fuels.”


This is all part of the plan to eliminate fossil fuels and go electric.

But they are no where close to make the transition- not even close.

Rep. Fred Keller in an op-ed at FOX News has more:

This “incredible transition” that the president referred to isn’t fooling anybody. This administration has made clear—in no uncertain terms—that instead of working seriously to alleviate Americans’ pain at the pump, the president will continue to suffocate the domestic oil and natural gas industry in hopes of replacing it with an unrealistic and far-left Green New Deal.


Americans are feeling the blowback from this administration’s shift away from clean, affordable, American energy. Economists are projecting that the national price for a gallon of gas will exceed $6 by August. Americans are on track to pay 78 percent more this year at the pump then they did a year ago. With Joe Biden in office, it’s no wonder inflation is out of control.

All hope is not lost. The solution to our troubles lies beneath our feet, and unleashing American oil and natural gas resources through domestic drilling is our only chance to curb inflation and rebuild America’s economic might.

But Biden and the leftists refuse to see the logic as well as the fact is that they don’t give a crap about the pain and suffering American’s are experiencing.

Mac Slavo at reports that the cost of gasoline in the United States continues to skyrocket.  It has now reached a new all-time high of $4.67 per gallon.

In California we are at $6.50 to $7.00 and more!

It’s insane!

According to AAA, that leaves gas prices up by 48 cents in the past month alone. It now costs 32% more to fill up your tank than on the day before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Seven states now average $5 or higher, with Illinois becoming the latest to join that unpopular club, according to AAA. New York and Arizona are just pennies away from the $5 threshold. The average in California now stands at $6.19 a gallon. According to a report by CNN, no states have an average of $4.15 or lower, with George coming in at the lowest at $4.16.

Gasoline and diesel prices continue to surge higher as inflation takes a stronghold of the economy at large. All of the minor and ineffective strategies of the ruling class have failed to bring down the cost of fuel and coupled with the rising prices of food (if any can even be found), Americans are looking at a dire situation by autumn of this year.

The national average for regular gas is now 44 cents higher than on the day President Joe Biden announced the largest-ever release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in late March.

While energy prices are influenced by a broad range of factors—both in and outside of our control— there’s no doubt that U.S. policy plays a key role in shaping the price that Americans see at the pump.

America is blessed with some of the most abundant natural resources in the world and has the capacity to expand its domestic supply of oil and natural gas to meet domestic demand and relieve price pressures. In Pennsylvania—America’s second largest natural gas producer—residents see $1,200 in annual energy savings as a result of the Commonwealth’s energy industry.

The United States was not only the top producer of oil and natural gas, but also a leader in cutting its carbon footprint, reducing emissions by 17 percent below its 2005 level—more than any other country. It’s also telling that the United States—who wasn’t part of the Paris Climate Accord in 2017—reduced its carbon emissions by 0.5 percent that year—more than all major emission-producing countries who did sign the agreement.

President Biden must recognize the reality that the world runs on oil and gas—changing where our baseload is sourced does nothing to diminish demand.

Domestic drilling is necessary for America to remain a dominant player in the global arena, and partisan agendas must not interfere with America’s ability to lead in the 21st century and beyond.

Any fool knows that we HAVE to start producing our own energy instead of buying oil and gas from corrupt countries.

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But as it sits, Biden isn’t about to budge and prices will continue to skyrocket until he and his radical base are replaced with logical Conservatives.

We are capable of innovating and bringing new technologies to the world of renewable energy while also addressing the demands of the day.

This can not continue.

These people are out of control.

Nice job you idiots that voted for Biden.

Not to mention the election was rigged and stolen from PRESIDENT TRUMP.


Will we make it until 2024?

I don’t think so.

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God Bless.

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