Just In: Biden Regime Busted BREAKING LAWS Doing THIS To Americans- It’s Time For A SERIOUS Investigation


Joe Biden is like an old demented version of Barack Hussein Obama.


But he’s White which apparently isn’t such a good thing to be in America.

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Demented Biden’s administration is filled with the same assholes that Obama had in his corrupt administration.


The power of the U.S. government is extremely powerful and Biden is following Obama’s lead by abusing this incredible power against American citizens.

As we have reported Biden’s administration is targeting White people and creating the false narrative that there is an epidemic of “White Supremacy” in America.


Biden has ordered illegal investigations into this problem which in reality barely exists.

Yeah, there are some racist Whites but there’s a hell of a lot more racist blacks and Hispanics in my opinion.

But Democrats are targeting Whites- why?

Because they are assholes. That’s my opinion.

Okay, Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel has more:

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence warning that the Biden White House’s use of a federal intelligence agency established to track foreign terrorist threats cannot be used against American citizens.

Especially for a hoax.

A March 18 letter led by Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) accuses Joe Biden of illegally utilizing a federal intelligence agency focused on foreign counterterrorism activities to spy on Americans at home, the Washington Times reports.

The paper adds:

The letter went to Avril Haines, the new Director of National Intelligence. Her office released a report, ‘Domestic Violent Extremism Poses Heightened Threat in 2021.’

Signed by all 10 committee Republicans, the letter calls the four-page DNI report ‘misleading’ with a ‘deceptive nature’ and says the very reason for the report is unclear. They find the entire DNI exercise inconsistent with federal law.

‘It is our view that your office, and the elements of the IC for which you are responsible under the auspices of the National Security Act and National Intelligence Program, are subject to longstanding prohibitions against domestic activities,’ the letter states.

‘Based on the scope contained in the report, declared IC [intelligence community] involvement, classification markings, and ultimately the content itself, we are concerned that IC elements and personnel acted beyond their legal authority in its production,’ the Republicans said in their letter.

‘For example, the explicit statement that this report was ‘prepared under the auspices of the DNI’ and ‘drafted’ by the NCTC appears to contravene the express statutory limitation on NCTC’s authorities on intelligence pertaining exclusively to domestic terrorism. Under current law, the NCTC is authorized only to ‘receive… retain and disseminate such intelligence,’’ the letter added.

The Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol Building was not an insurrection, it was a riot. Wrongly carried out, sure, but a riot nonetheless.

But Democrats are trying to exploit it as a sign that our country is in the grips of Trump robot militia types to justify persecuting more than 74 million Americans.

These people are worse than disgusting and dishonest, they’re dangerous.

You morons may want to look into ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Also, with Biden’s open border policy I’m thinking that the focus should be on MS-13 and other brutal gangs and MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

There is no major problem with White people.

The left are racist piles of garbage.

Biden is demented and won’t last another month.

So sick of this racism garbage but that’s all the dems have to run on.

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God Bless.

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