BREAKING News From The Biden Regime- They Just DID IT

So much for transparency.

Biden has ordered what essentially amounts to a ‘gag order’ silencing border officials from discussing the chaos at the border.


Randy Clark at Breitbart reports that a senior-level law enforcement source in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told Breitbart Texas they received verbal orders from within the agency limiting their ability to speak freely about the growing crisis along the border.

The official with knowledge of the restrictions spoke under the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak on the matter.

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“The situation with media relations now is night and day compared to the last administration, The official said. “We have been advised not to speak on immigration issues at the border and to rely on DHS’s Office of Public Affairs and the Whitehouse Press Office to handle messaging.”

The verbal order applies to senior law enforcement leaders within DHS and has no formal expiration date. It comes as the administration is struggling to manage the growing crisis caused by changes in border security and immigration policies leading to a spike in illegal crossings at the border.


Biden’s regime refuses to acknowledge the huge mass influx of illegal immigrants at our southern border, instead they choose to call it a “challenge”.

A challenge? It’s a freaking nightmare you fools!

As Fox News reported, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Monday urged migrants thinking of coming to the United States to “wait” as the Biden administration rebuilds a “gutted” immigration system — as he claimed there is no crisis at the U.S. southern border.

When asked during a press briefing at the White House about whether there is a “crisis” at the border, amid a surge of unaccompanied child migrants, Mayorkas said “no.”

“The men and women of the Department of Homeland Security are working around the clock seven days a week to ensure that we do not have a crisis at the border—that we manage the challenge, as acute as the challenge is,” Mayorkas said, adding that the “challenge” is not just for the government, but for non-governmental organizations and border communities.

Restricting information from the public on what the government is doing at our southern borders goes against everything former President Trump had put into place to help protect the citizens as well as national security.



President Joe Biden is expanding his breakdown of interior immigration enforcement, dubbed “sanctuary country” orders, by giving illegal aliens another avenue to avoid arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, Breitbart reports.

On Friday, ICE officials told Congress that the agency would open an “ICE Case Review” process in which illegal aliens can challenge their arrest and detainment.

Already, Biden has implemented sanctuary country orders whereby about nine-in-ten illegal aliens, who would typically be arrested by ICE and deported, now face no threat of arrest and deportation until they are convicted of an aggravated felony or found to be a national security threat.

Under the Biden regime we have gone from having sanctuary cities to now being a sanctuary nation for illegal aliens.  The democrats continue to ignore their own citizens and focus heavily on the illegals and what all they can provide for them.  You can read our full report here.

It is clear that the Biden regime wants to control the media as well as the senior officials within law enforcement as they put a gag order in place.  Simply put, what they citizens do not know, they cannot react too.

As local communities along the border continue to grapple with the release of migrants into their communities, the administration is facing criticism even amongst their own ranks, Breitbart reported.

U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) said in a recent interview on the Fox News Channel, “I can tell you this, those numbers of people that are being released, they’re purposely withholding that information.”

“I now know that they’re bringing people from McAllen over to Laredo, processing them in Laredo, and they’re going to release them in my community,” the Laredo congressman said. “I’ve seen this before, don’t let the local communities know what you’re doing, where they’re starting to bring people in from the valley, process them in Laredo, release them at a bus station. And, again, I’ve seen this before in the past.”

Citizens should always be vigilant when they government desires to restrict what information the government wants them to know and what they want to hide from them.

There is obvious reasons and with this latest move, it is because they do not want the citizens to know the mass numbers they are bringing into our nation and where they are shipping them off to around our nation.

Again, so much for transparency…

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God Bless.

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