Senate Homeland Security Com Chairman Warns America: Biden Represents a National Security Risk

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. He appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning. They were joined by author, and President of the Governmental Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer.

Schweizer has written Clinton Cash and Secret Empires detailing the pay-to-play scams of America’s most powerful politicians.


Ever wonder how they come to Washington poor and leave rich? They sell the assets paid for by the blood and fortunes of American taxpayers to the highest corporate and/or foreign bidders.

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Enter China Joe Biden.


YouTube removed the video as I was writing this! Unbelievable!


Here’s the video from FOX but if it disappears we do have this partial transcript!

Bartiromo: “Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson and Peter Schweizer, the author of Secret Empires have conducted their own investigations into the Biden family deals’ potential corruption. They join me right now…

“… Senator, I want to begin with you because we know that the FBI now has this active investigation [about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop]. You’ve been sending letters to the FBI trying to get as much information as you can in terms of what they know. What have you learned?”


Senator Johnson: “… Those of us investigating this, we’re doing it for a very serious purpose because this is a mess… it’s a huge mess, and it’s a mess that’s not going away particularly if Vice President Biden becomes president.

“It’s one of the reasons I’ve been saying for quite some time that I never felt that Vice President Biden should ever run for president.

“I think this is probably one of the reasons that President Obama had not encouraged the vice president to run. So this is a huge mess.

“There’s further evidence of it that the FBI apparently opened up an investigation in 2019. One of the questions I would have is why didn’t they open it up in 2018?

“You know…this is when the convicted Devin Archer [Hunter Biden’s business partner] of the Indian bond fraud. I think a lot of this information was probably available when some of these transactions were occurring back then.

“I mean, the question I have, did they not look into Hunter Biden because of his last name?  It’s a serious question that the fact that we might… We probably have two systems of justice.  

“One for Democrats and the well-connected and one for Republicans like President Trump and the rest of Americans.  That’s one of the reasons that the American people are losing confidence in agencies like the FBI.”

Bartiromo lists a series of alleged payments to Joe Biden’s son Hunter from foreign interests:

-Hunter Biden allegedly secured a huge amount ($1.5 Billion according to some) in investment funding from the Bank of China.

-Hunter also allegedly received $3.5 Million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Elena Baturina

-Hunter was also allegedly paid $4.2 Million a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, while they were mired in a corruption scandal.

I want to be very careful to state that these payments are disputed and the ‘fact checkers’ and Democrats say that their either never happened or the circumstances surrounding them are being misrepresented.  I think you are wise enough to figure out what is true and what is not by going your own research and examining how hard the media is on Biden.

Schweizer“The big question that the Bidens have never answered… What exactly are they selling?”

“… Hunter Biden’s getting paid by energy companies, Ukrainian companies, he’s getting paid by private equity firms in China when he has no background… no expertise, no experience in any of those areas.

“So the fundamental question is what was Hunter Biden being paid for?  

It’s pretty clear he was being paid because his father was vice president and these foreign entities wanted access and wanted favor from his father.  

“None of these foreign entities are running charities so the bottom line is this is a classic follow the money story that needs to be investigated.

“There is no dispute he was paid by entities he did not have experience in these entities.  Joe Biden had policy responsibility in the areas where these foreign entities were paying his family…”

This leads to Senator Johnson and Schweizer questioning the national security risk that a President Biden would pose.

Sen. Johnson:  “I would argue that anybody trying to work for a Bide White House, if they have the connections that Joe Biden and his family have with the Chinese Communist Party, would not get a security clearance…

Schweizer“… When you’re talking about the Biden relationship with the Chinese, it’s not just about the family making a little bit of money on the side.  

“Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of BHR, a Chinese government-funded private equity firm and what they did while he was on the board of directors, when he owned part of that company, they acquired companies like Henniges in Michigan that produced dual use technologies… anti-vibration technologies… that have civilian application and military applications.

“So you have Hunter Biden participating in Chinese efforts to acquire U.S. technology assets.

“That deal had to be approved by CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.)

“So it was literally Hunter Biden sitting on the board of directors of a Chinese private equity firm and his father’s administration approving the transfer of that company to a Chinese state-owned entity!”

But Joe knew nothing about this deal?  No one on the committee even questioned the vice president?  C’mon man!

“It happened with other entities as well so this is not just about money to the Bidens, it has serious strategic implications for the United States.”

If none of Obama’s appointees to CFIUS even thought to question Joe Biden over these transactions while he was Vice President, what protections will the American people have when every CFIUS appointee owes their position to President Biden?

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