BREAKING: Biden To Pass His Most Destructive Executive Order After THIS Passes In The House

Say goodbye to democracy, freedoms and rights as they are being eradicated with thunderous applause by the democrats!

Biden on Thursday celebrated the House passing a sweeping election reform bill, saying he would sign it if it passes the Senate.


Biden called it “urgently needed” to protect the right to vote and to “strengthen” democracy, and vowed to work with Congress to “refine and advance” the legislation, Fox News reports.

The For the People Act of 2021, known as H.R. 1, passed Wednesday by a vote of 220 to 210. No Republicans joined with Democrats in approving the bill, H.R. 1.

This is nothing short of the eradication of American citizens protected and sacred voting system that is supposed to be protected by the Constitution.

There is a reason that the Biden regime and democrats are celebrating this and today the senate is finalizing their push and if it succeeds, Biden will happily sign the executive order of H.R. 1.


Biden is scheduled to sign an executive order designed to increase voter access on Sunday as he pushes the Senate to pass H.R. 1, House Democrats’ sweeping voting rights package.

According to the White House, Biden’s executive order will modernize, order federal agencies to expand access to voter registration, provide voting access and education to citizens in federal custody, examine barriers to citizens with disabilities voting and improve ballot tracking for overseas voters, including active duty military, Fox News reports.

As we reported earlier, while some republicans have been warning against the vast amount of illegal and manipulative verbiage in H.R.1 , it sure seems as if all they are doing is speaking against it.

Spineless and useless.

Breitbart has more:

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed H.R. 1, otherwise known as the “For the People Act,” which Republicans warn will compromise election integrity and ultimately lead to the federalization of U.S. elections.

The Democrat-led House passed the legislation on party lines, 220 to 210. A summary of the bill notes that it “expands voter registration (e.g., automatic and same-day registration) and voting access (e.g., vote-by-mail and early voting)” and imposes limits on removing voters from voter rolls. You can read our full report here.

Simply stating that it is unconstitutional is an understatement, it is outright illegal and the Constitution is supposed to protect the citizens from such a government power play.

That means very little to the democrats and Biden’s regime as they continue to power through whatever they please and ignore laws and rights of the citizens.

Biden called it “urgently needed” to protect the right to vote and to “strengthen” democracy, and vowed to work with Congress to “refine and advance” the legislation.

The For the People Act of 2021, known as H.R. 1, passed Wednesday by a vote of 220 to 210. No Republicans joined with Democrats in approving the bill.

“When I say that the president urges Congress to take action that would prevent states from attempts at voter suppression, that applies to all states, and it applies to making sure that the federal government and private litigants have the tools necessary to prevent restrictive voting action,” a senior administration official said at a background briefing.

Republicans fiercely oppose the legislation — this time around, and during the last Congress when House Democrats first introduced the legislation.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., last week slammed the legislation as “exactly the wrong response” to what he called the “distressing lack of faith in our elections,” saying Democrats want to use their “temporary power” to “try to ensure they’ll never have to relinquish it.”

This would explain why Pelosi is creating her own militarized police force and more fences around the Capitol building and surround areas in D.C..

This was never about any domestic threats from “Trumps Army” as they claim but rather, they know as they continue to eradicate freedoms and rights to ensure they create democratic communism, at some point they will feel push back from citizens.

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Of course this is speculation, as citizens are no longer allowed to oppose in any form what the democrats are doing, otherwise they will be considered “political extremism and white supremacists” which now under the Biden regime, is considered domestic terrorism.

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God Bless.

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