We all know that Biden is simply a puppet put in place by big money DEEP STATE radical far leftwing extremists.

The mission is to destroy America and turn our country into a LIBERAL NWO ran by GLOBALIST ELITES.

In less than 2 years these scumbags have done a hell of a lot to accomplish their goal.

America is in a complete state of CHAOS!


We may have finally figured out who one of the major players calling the shots in this administration is.

It is actually an organization, and they are very far left, but this administration is saturated with them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Center for American Progress.

Calling the Shots

If I told you that a full 15 percent of Joe Biden’s staff came from one far-left organization, would you consider that a threat?

If you do, you better start worrying.

As it turns out, there are an estimated 70 people from CAP working in this administration- probably more.

I am not talking about low-level players, either.

This is an uber-progressive group that is openly looking to change the country.

Just who are these people?

Well, it starts with one of the group’s founders, John Podesta, who was just added to Joe Biden’s team and handed $370 billion of our taxpayer funds to spend on climate change.

A complete scumbag.

Neera Tanden, who failed to get through a Senate hearing was later added to Joe Biden’s staff as an adviser.

She is the former president of CAP.

Another scumbag.

Fox News reports that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, top White House economic adviser Brian Deese, senior White House economic adviser Gene Sperling, Veteran Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough, and Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kelly Magsamen have all worked for CAP.

Anita Dunn, who has been in and out of Biden’s administration, has also done consulting work for CAP.

Protect the Public’s Trust President Michael Chamberlain stated, “As Protect the Public’s Trust has discovered from tracking ethics waivers granted to political appointees, the revolving door connecting lobbying firms and activist organizations with powerful posts in federal agencies in the Biden Administration is spinning furiously.

“This has happened to such an extent that the organizations themselves are commenting, although facetiously, about losing all their good people.

“Considering a number of incidents PPT has uncovered in which appointees have appeared to cross the line between their advocacy and their public service, it’s almost enough to make the public wonder who is really calling the shots.”

If you were not worried before, you should be now.

The Biden administration is packed with far leftwing extremists who are completely incompetent and are ANTI AMERICAN trash.

The courts are packed with leftwing radicals as well.

It is extremely important that we get these lunatics out of office and at this point the way we do it is at the ballot box.

We know that the left will be cheating any way they can and what makes it worse is that the DOJ and FBI will be involved in securing wins for the democrat Communists.

The odds are against us when it comes to fair elections but if we all vote and we do our part to keep an eye out for people who are violating the law by ballot harvesting and other nefarious methods of stealing the election like they did in 2020 we can help.

As it stands, with the direction America is heading and the damage that has been done with the dems in charge you would think a victory would be a slam dunk for us.

But we also have an extremely enemy to fight- THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

So we have a fight on our hands but if we stay the course and educate the people that get their information from these liberal media outlets we can help to get them to understand the TRUTH.

Even libs are feeling the hardships intentionally created by the dems so we have that going for us.

Unfortunately we have RINO’s who are deliberately sabotaging the campaigns of America first candidates and dumping tons of cash into Anti-Trump candidates.

Hopefully those efforts fail and hopefully we can get new leadership and get rid of the Anti-Trump RINO’s like Mitch McConnell.

The Alaska Republican Party voted Monday to censure Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and we have a feeling his days are numbered.




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God Bless.

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