BREAKING News Out Of NEW MEXICO- Here Is What Biden’s America Will Look Like

Food No Longer ‘Essential’ In New Mexico As Consumers Wait 2-4 Hours Just To Buy Food – A Sneak Preview Into Joe Biden’s ‘Dark Winter’ Is Yet More Proof That Survival Could Depend On Your Level Of Preparation

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

The lines being seen outside of New Mexico stores that sell food products are seeing people waiting up to four hours just to enter the store and buy food for their families, as the New Mexico Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, orders the closure of all grocery stores to which four employees have at some point tested positive for COVID-19 in a 14 day period.

Before quoting the article, lets remember that the testing results are not entirely accurate as we have seen reports showing that Elon Musk took four tests in one day, two showed positive for COVID-19 and two came up negative.


We have witnessed some draconian measures taken by out-of-control, power hungry politicians across the United States in 2020.

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Some attempting to implement some type curfew, others attempting to limit the amount of people allowed in their own home, some arbitrarily deeming some businesses “non-essential” and deeming others as “essential,” with no rhyme nor reason as to how they came to their determinations.

When one can go to a strip club, but are told they cannot worship in a church or synagogue, we have a serious problem in America.

We believe New Mexico is the only state, to date, that has ordered grocery stores to close in such large numbers across the entire state, leaving people to have to hunt for a store that is still open, and then due to the restrictions and limits on how many can be in the stores, forcing New Mexico residents to wait in lines for up to four hours.


Via Breitbart:

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has put immense pressure on businesses with her “abrupt” lockdown order – forcing “nonessential” businesses to close and creating what has been dubbed “modern breadlines” —  with people waiting 2-4 hours to enter essential retailers, former GOP Senate candidate Elisa Martinez explained during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

I deliberately used that quote from Breitbart because it was a Republican they cited, because as of Sunday, November 22, Governor Grisham’s spokesperson was claiming that the modern day food lines being seen all across New Mexico is simply a “Republican talking point,” which is “politically motivated.”

Republican talking points?

The image above was taken at a NM Costco… before the Governor’s health order, used here to show that stores in NM were already having a difficult time accommodating consumers.

Here is a Walmart in New Mexico on November 21st:

New Mexico, Costco, November 21:


Albertson’s in New Mexico:

The images above, and over two dozen more images from across New Mexico, can be seen at the website PinOnPost.

The point here is despite claims to the contrary by the liberal governor, the proof is in the images, the pictures are not simply a “talking point” but are visual evidence that in order to eat, feed their families, some in New Mexico, have to wait in hours-long lines, and then 2 to 4 hours later, be able to choose from whatever is left on the store shelves.

The governors office also claimed “The state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line, as you suggest.”

Technically true, they aren’t holding a gun to anyone’s head and “forcing” them to stand there to wait to see what is left in the grocery section in order to feed their children.


Via BizPac Review:

More than 25 essential businesses were swept up in Grisham’s order, resulting in at least three Walmart stores being closed, an Albertson’s grocery store, a Smiths Food & Drug Center and a New Mexico Food Distribution Center in Albuquerque, according to the newspaper. And still, Americans fail to grasp that elections have consequences.

In one of the most heartbreaking testimonials we see why this overreach is actually harming Americans more than helping them.

“A NM man with COVID says he had to stand in line for food after the state shut down his town’s grocery store that delivers.” 

Sick with COVID, and because the grocery store that delivered to him so he did not have to go risk others was ordered by the state to be closed, forcing him to choose between risking the health of others, or to eat and survive.

It almost seems as if the politicians are in a race to see who can be more tyrannical.


While I have seen some claim Kissinger didn’t say “If you control the food supply, you control the people,” while others argue he did and provide the date and location with their assertions, for the point of this article, it matters not who said it, what matters is that it is true.

Human beings cannot survive without nutrition. Food and water are requirements to survive.

As we see report after report of food lines, and food banks where cars are lined up for miles just to get a box of food to feed their families, most because they have lost their jobs because governors decided that the place where they worked in order to feed their families, was not “essential,” we are reminded of hearing Joe Biden tell Americans to expect a “dark winter.”

Dark indeed for those that cannot obtain food. Dark for those that will suffer when the much-talked about 4-6 week national mandated lockdowns that Biden’s team is proposing goes into effect should he take office.

Now that one governor has upped the ante and decided that food and eating are not “essential,” especially for those that suffering health issues making it impossible for them to stand in any line for two to four hours, we fully expect to see other governors following suit.


The lockdowns of the past year are nothing compared to what is coming, all under the guise of “safety,” when in actuality they are using COVID-19 to see how much control they can wield over the American populace before said populace pushes back.

The only questions that remain is how many will push back, how hard they will push back and what the fall out will be of Biden’s predicted “dark winter.”

Below the videos, we’ll link to more currently available products for delivery, to prepare for when they grocery store closures come to a city near you.

Even if it isn’t your town the stores are forced to close in, people from other towns where they were forced to close, will end up at the stores you use eventually.

We are at the point where survival will depend on our levels of preparation.

Especially if Dementia Joe Biden and #HeelsUpHarris takes office.

This is a mild example of Socialism which will occur under a Biden/Harris presidency.



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