President Joe Biden has asked the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to begin enhanced assessments of the threat posed by “domestic violent extremism,” according to the White House.

“The January 6th assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known: The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced at a press briefing Friday afternoon, Breibart reports.


One could argue that these are not “domestic terrorists” but rather angry and frustrated American’s that see a government doing nothin for “We The People”.  Instead the government is lining their own pockets, setting themselves above the very people they are supposed to be serving.  Of course the same argument can be made on both sides of the coin.

With the protests and riots in Seattle, Denver and Portland on January 1st by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they stated it had nothing to do with former President Trump and has everything to do with demonstrating against Biden and Law Enforcement.

Breitbart reported further details: Psaki said that Biden had tasked the ODNI to request a “comprehensive threat assessment” of domestic violent extremism, including ways to strengthen government capabilities to monitor the threat.

The Biden administration will confront this threat with the necessary recourses and resolve,” she said.


Psaki said that the Biden administration would prioritize “facts” and “objective rigorous analysis” claiming that the government could still maintain “respect for constitutionally protected free speech and political activities.” She stressed, however, that President Biden wanted to dramatically increase the level of intelligence and law enforcement directed at domestic violent extremism.

To be able to look at what is going on in our nation it is vital to understand that Americans on both sides are angry and frustrated.

One would hope that the government would open their eyes and see that the path to unity and peace is to actually listen to the people and come up with ways to heal our nation.  That does not mean to condone one sides actions and fully go after the other.

I am not condoning violence and extremism by any means, what I am saying is allowing, “We The People” to have a voice without the threats of being labeled, “political extremism, domestic terrorists and white supremacy.”.

Look, we have been facing a global pandemic for almost a year and that has people already on edge, scared and frustrated.  That in itself is chaotic and leaves our nation divided on if it is dangerous or simply just another form of the flu.

But to now come out and say that they are going to to be targeting and investigating anyone who speaks out, protests and believes differently that the government, is at its very core, wrong.

Breitbart concluded their report with:

“We need to understand better its current extent and where they may be gaps to address so we can determine the best path forward,” she said.

Biden’s National Security Council, Psaki said, would ask three of his national security advisors, Joshua Geltzer, Liz Sherwood-Randall, and Russ Travers, to lead a policy review to properly “enhance and accelerate” the government threat of domestic violence.

“This considered NSC convened process will focus on addressing evolving threats, radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, operation responses, and more,” she concluded.

This will do nothing but further divide our nation, far more innocents lives will be targeted and lives destroyed over their beliefs.  How can the government not see that this is wrong and against the constitution and bill of rights?

We can assume that this has been their agenda all along since it was so easily rolled out on day 1. If they truly desire peace and unity, this is not the way to achieve it by any means.

Claiming people need reprogrammed,  investigated and face unconstitutional charges will do nothing but destroy families, their livelihoods and cause our nation to have a noose placed around its neck.

It is essentially an Orwellian nightmare down a rabbit hole that has no outcome that will end well for all Americans.

Imagine if people set aside their differences, political views as well as anger, and instead they came together to discuss these issues to be able to achieve peace and unity.

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