ALERT: Biden’s Life Is MELTING Down Before America’s Eyes- LOOK What JUST Happened To Him


Let’s face it. Biden’s presidency is a complete disaster. We all knew it would be. The dude is basically burnt toast and is ready to retire in a nursing home for corrupt politicians.


It’s so bad that even the hacks on liberal networks are hammering him on a variety of topics ranging from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to his handling of COVID and even his mental state.

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From Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up:


The Sunday news shows were ablaze with criticism of Biden. The media lapdogs like Chuck Todd uncharacteristically listed his numerous failures. Are the rats finally jumping from Biden’s sinking ship?

It could be. Take a look at this!


Liberal Chuck Todd had several criticisms of Biden saying he’s in a “big credibility crisis” because of his flip flopping on several important issues. He questioned whether world leaders still believe America is a competent leader of the free world.

I can answer that. Hell no. Under Biden America is totally out of control. The free world has lost faith in America under Biden.



Chuck Todd joined a panel on ‘Meet the Press’ and continued his criticism of the Biden administration by saying “it’s only getting worse.”


ABC’s Jon Karl said the public’s trust in the Biden COVID response has “eroded” since Biden “jumped the gun” on the COVID booster roll-out.


Associated Press reporter Julie Pace told Chris Wallace that Americans are “frustrated” and “angry” about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan:


America was safe, strong and respected when President Trump was in charge.

If it weren’t for the obviously rigged election America would be in great shape.

But the power of the DEEP STATE is hard to beat.

I say we fight fire with fire.

Anyways, it’s not looking good for Biden and yes, the rat’s are jumping ship.

For how long? Only time will tell.

This country is being run by complete morons.


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God Bless.

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