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Many people are decrying the corruption of unions decrying them as little more than a Ponzi scheme whose entire purpose is to effectively tax membership while enriching a few ‘bosses’ at the top.

The UAW is clearly no exception to that theory with a federal indictment being handed down last week with allegations that Chrysler executives conspired with UAW leaders in an effort to siphon millions of funds earmarked for employee training programs and fatten their own personal bottom lines.

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All done at the expense of many hard working blue collar families where in many places union membership is not an option.  If one does not join the union? One does not work.

Automotive News reports that currently two Chrysler employees have been charged but more charges are expected to follow as the investigation continues.

The indictment alludes to more charges to be levied against additional Chrysler employees, as well as other high-ranking UAW officials who potentially may have been involved pending further investigation.

If these indictments are levied against more people for conspiracy, Chrysler and the UAW will find themselves embroiled in a scandal that could eclipse most others in recent automotive history.


The 42-page document outlines a multi-million-dollar conspiracy, alleging UAW and Chrysler executives used embezzled funds to support lavish lifestyles involving first-class trips, private jets, luxury cars, designer clothes, high-end house furnishings, and landscaping.


The indictment, unsealed last week, describes the alleged illegal dealings of former FCA labor relations chief Alphons Iacobelli, deceased UAW Vice President General Holiefield and his widow, Monica Morgan, a prominent Detroit photographer. Morgan will be arraigned in a Detroit federal court today, July 31. Iacobelli will be arraigned Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Federal investigators claim the three were at the center of a conspiracy from 2009 through 2014 that included Iacobelli personally pocketing $1 million and helping funnel $1.2 million from the UAW- Chrysler National Training Center to Holiefield, Morgan and other high-ranking members of the union.

The indictment specifically mentions at least eight unnamed people while vaguely mentioning “other” groups of people. Separately, federal officials announced fraud charges against former FCA financial analyst Jerome Durden, who is accused of creating false tax returns to hide payments to Holiefield, Iacobelli and other beneficiaries who were not identified.

“More could be charged,” said Peter Henning, a former federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., and professor at Wayne State University Law School. Henning said it’s typical in investigations such as these for additional witnesses, informants and co-conspirators to be named after the initial round of arraignments.

What, pray tell, was purchased with these embezzled funds taken from many hard working blue collar families such as my own?

It seems Chrysler’s Labor Relations Chief, Alphons Iacobelli had a powerful need for to be kept in the lifestyle he felt he should be entitled to.  Just a sampling of the rampant theft Iacobelli perpetrated on the backs of blue collar families –

 • A $350,000 Ferrari 458 Spider

• Lease on a private jet

• 2 limited-edition Mont Blanc pens costing $37,500 each

• A $96,000 swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and outdoor spa at his home in Rochester Hills, Mich.

• $73,000 in landscaping

• More than $300,000 in personal credit card expenses

• Paid off a relative’s student loan for $44,491



Iacobelli lived like a king while many families worked 12 and 16 hour days in factories on a production line worried whether or not their jobs were going to be shipped to China or Mexico.

UAW Vice President General Holiefield and his widow, Monica Morgan were certainly no exception to greed and entitlement.  They lived on the backs of American workers investing their ill gotten gains to keep them in their rampantly decadent lifestyles.  A sampling of what they spent money on –

• Paid off the $262,219.71 mortgage on their Harrison Township, Mich., home. Less than a year later, Morgan took out a new mortgage for $130,000.

• Credit card charges of $200,000 for jewelry, designer clothes and furniture

• $30,000 in airfare for San Diego, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles

• 4 nights at the Beverly Hills Hotel for $3,100 per night


Federal investigators believe more than just these two people were involved, referencing an additional, currently unnamed eight Chrysler executives and UAW leaders in the indictment.

The document says Bob King, who was UAW president from June 2010 to June 2014, told Iacobelli and Holiefield in 2011 that they could “go to jail” for giving union and charity business to Morgan, Holiefield’s girlfriend at the time. They married in 2012.

King, according to the indictment, instructed them to stop giving business to Morgan. The three allegedly reacted to King’s warning by setting up a new company in early 2012, the indictment said.

Other unnamed people, according to the indictment, were responsible for approving the illegal spending.

“It’s quite possible some of the unnamed people in the indictment are going to cooperate and provide information and testimony,” Henning said.

The UAW, of course, is covering its tracks claiming they were “blindsided” by these latest allegations of corruption.  How does one miss a Ferrari, solid gold Mont Blanc pens, a private jet, and the rest exactly?  None of these things is what anyone would consider “low key” by any definition.

“The UAW is appalled at the allegations contained in the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) indictment, which constitute a betrayal of trust by a former vice president of our union. The UAW has zero tolerance for corruption or wrongdoing of this kind at any level,” according to the statement. “The UAW had absolutely no knowledge of the fraudulent activities detailed in this indictment until they were brought to our attention by the government. We nevertheless take responsibility for not doing more to exert our influence over the governance policies of the (UAW-Chrysler National Training Center), which might have uncovered this corruption sooner.”

Yet, American jobs continue to be sent to Mexico and China.  American families continue to suffer.  All while UAW officials and Chrysler executives have no idea why they cannot seem to turn a profit from their American plants.

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