Bikers Plan ARMED Anti-Islamist/Draw Muhammad Event Outside Mosque In Arizona…

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  1. Armed bikers drawing Mohammad in front of an Islamic center at prayer time. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. detroitheat says:

    Just stay alert at your after party, and I personally would have a few patriots watchdogs keeping an eye on Wild-Bill’s ASAP you know for IED and such, I believe if they ( witch I believe they will ) retaliate that is where and when it will happen.
    So stand tall and I wish I could be there with you, and if SHTF take out as many of them as possible, this just may be the beginning of the “NEW AMERICAN REVALUATION” that’s what it’s going to take to reinstate a Constitutional Government, my God Bless and be with you..
    ((((( America Bless God and God will Bless America )))))

  3. Peter Ferranti says:


  4. maybe if another biker gang shows up unexpectedly like in waco, the “terrorists” praying across the street can just watch you stupid rednecks kill each other. I hope the cops don’t babysit you either and just let you kill each other while eating donuts. Why should they have to put their lives on the line so you dumb crackers can draw stick figures of some guy you don’t even know in the hopes of luring someone to a gun fight to prove your dicks aren’t tiny. You aren’t americans, you are traitors and pretty much the christian branch of ISIS.

    • Murphy14 says:

      you are aware those bikers in Waco were majority mexican and black you ignorant fuck…try again.

      • Wow! I’m not sure if you should be calling anyone ignorant with that comment. Did you see all of the mug shots? Race wasn’t apart of the Waco shot out but the “majority” you say was in FACT white.

  5. fruehauf says:

    I’d like to see a draw jesus cartoon contest… hint: he was not white!

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