Bill Clinton Makes Campaign Stop For Hillary, STUNNED When Crowd HUMILIATES Him

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Over the weekend, former President Bill Clinton made a campaign stop in West Virginia on behalf of his wife, and things didn’t exactly go as planned.

If your wife is running on a platform that would essentially destroy an entire industry, then it’s probably not the best idea to go campaign in a town where that industry is responsible for employing a majority of its residents. Unfortunately for Bill Clinton, he didn’t seem to get that memo before he stopped in Logan, West Virginia, and the audience let him know just how unhappy they are with Hillary’s anti-coal agenda.

Talking Points Memo has more:

Former President Bill Clinton drew boos and shouts from the crowd as he made a campaign stop in Logan, West Virginia, on his wife’s behalf, ahead of the state’s May 10 presidential primary.

Hillary Clinton, who planned to campaign in Williamson on Monday, has been criticized for comments that her policies would put coal miners and companies out of business. Clinton said later she was mistaken and that she’s committed to coalfield communities.

Bill Clinton planned to attend a rally later in Charleston.

So first, Hillary flat-out admits she’s trying to destroy the coal industry to pander to her radical environmentalist crowd, then after being called on the fact she’d kill the job market in communities across the nation, she flip-flopped and said she was “mistaken.” Umm, call me crazy, but it’s damn near impossible to mistake whether or not you support policies that would kill an industry.

No wonder Bill received such a horrible greeting – apparently the people of West Virginia can see right through these two, and aren’t dumb enough to fall for the Clinton lies any longer, to which I say; good. Now let’s just hope that other people around the country start waking up to their inherent dishonesty, since the sooner Hillary’s political career is over, the better.

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