Bill Clinton SLIPS UP, Admits Hillary Has Ties To THIS Terrorist Organization- Media SILENT


In October 2015, Bill Clinton gave a speech at the home of Mehul and Hema Sanghani, a prominent Muslim family.  The transcript was recently released by WikiLeaks and it revealed that former President Bill Clinton openly discussed his wife – Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, and her so-called  “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi in Egypt as an example of her diplomatic skills.


Excerpts from Bill Clinton’s speech:

Finally, we live in a world, as I said, that’s full of good news and bad news. The United States cannot control it all, but we need a president who’s most likely to make as many good things happen as possible, and most likely to prevent big, bad things from happening. You can’t keep every bad thing from happening; who’s most likely to be able to get people involved in a positive way. Even the people who don’t like the Iran nuclear agreement concede it never would have happened if it hadn’t been for the sanctions. Hillary negotiated those sanctions and got China and Russia to sign off—something I thought she’d never be able to do. I confess. I’m never surprised by anything she does, but that surprised me. I didn’t think she could do it. The Chinese and the Russians to see past their short-term self-interest to their long-term interest and not sparking another nuclear arms race.

And when the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt, in spite of the fact that we were (inaudible), she developed a working relationship with the then-president and went there and brokered a ceasefire to stop a full-scale shooting war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which on top of what was going on in Syria and Jordan would have been a calamity for the world.

And when we were trying to reset our relations with Russia under President Medvedev, she and her team negotiated a New START Treaty, which limits warheads and missiles. And she lobbied it through the Senate. She had to get 67 votes, which means a lot of these Republicans who say that they don’t like her now are just kidding for election season. They trusted her, and she got it passed. You can’t get 67 votes in the Senate without a lot of Republican support. And I don’t know about you, but with all this tension and Mr. Putin trying to affect the outcome of the conflict in Syria, I think it’s a very good thing that we’re in a lower risk of any kind of accidental nuclear conflict with the Russians. She did that.


Well, he certainly gives ole Hillary a lot of back patting for negotiating the Iran nuclear deal but then kind of shrugs with a “sh*t happens’ attitude regarding the major failures and breakdowns of foreign policy under Obama and Hillary’s watch. Ole Billy leaves out how Hillary used American Diplomatic leverage for Morsi’s benefit as well even prior to his election.  No wonder Egypt is formerly charging Hillary with regard to her involvement in the Arab Spring uprising.

As for Hillary and her super duper awesome working relationship with Morsi? Well, see that eventually ended with Morsi’s wife railing against Hillary and her supposed dismissal of Morsi as “a simpleton who was unfit for the presidency.” Morsi’s wife also threatened to publish letters Hillary wrote to Morsi that she claimed would cause damage to Hillary. In the meantime, Mohammed Morsi is developing a solid working relationship with the Egyptian penitentiary system.

It seems that whatever Hillary touches turns into a gigantic mess of epic proportion and if the leftists progressive Democrats have their way? The United States is soon to follow.

h/t – Breitbart

God Bless.

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