BREAKING ALERT: Bill Gates Makes ANNOUNCEMENT About THIS- The Dominoes Are About To FALL


MEGA BILLIONAIRE and full blown liberal fanatic Bill Gates is at it again.

The dude is a complete nutcase in my opinion but the same goes for all these whacked out liberal freaks that want to change the world with their dreams of UTOPIA.

You know like eating bugs, getting rid of sustainable sources of fuel necessary for survival and plentiful right here in America among a long list of insanity.

Here’s just one specific example of what this freak is doing which has the ultimate goal of controlling the masses- the slaves if you would.

Bill Gates Funded Company Just Invented Something TERRIFYING And LOOK What It Does…

While some may see this as a medical breakthrough, others may see this as another way of government controlling our lives.

We warned you about this years ago and were deemed conspiracy theorists. Well, it turns out we were right again.

Read this and tell us what you think!

An Atlanta-based biotech company, Micron Biomedical announced last week that it has successfully concluded the first-ever clinical trial testing of a microarray injection-free vaccine on children as young as 9 months old. This clinical trial was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

You can read that entire by clicking HERE but first you have to check out the latest report from Mac Slavo at SHTFPLAN.

Bill Gates Pushes National ID System

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is pushing a national identification system that will enhance the slave state for the ruling class.

The Seattle-based Gates Foundation, guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, has actively endorsed the Modular Open-Source Identification Platform’s (MOSIP) undertakings with a $10 million pledge.

Bill Gates & Congressman Negotiated “Tracing Deal” BEFORE COVID-19 Panic


These billionaire rulers are putting a lot of money and energy into making sure they can track, trace, and surveil every single slave on this planet.

Gates is also neck deep in making sure that all of the slave class gets the “vaccines” that the rulers are desperate to make sure people get as many as they can convince them to get.

The Foundation’s aim seems to focus on propelling a universal digital identification framework, especially targeting low to middle-income economies.

But as history has shown, with such advancements often come potential pitfalls, particularly regarding personal privacy. Reclaim The Net

BREAKING Study Reveals Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Causes “TURBO CANCER” In Humans

Adapting MOSIP to each nation’s unique requirements means collecting and customizing vast amounts of personal data from the slave class.

The system, despite its boasts of an 80+ vendor ecosystem, raises many red flags.

While the Gates Foundation views digital ID systems as integral to fostering digital public infrastructure (DPI) that can, in theory, stimulate economic growth, the risks to personal privacy cannot be ignored.

This entire system is going to be tied to a social credit score and a central bank digital currency that the rulers will have full control over.

CBDCs Are Coming; The Final Nail In The Illusion of Freedom’s Coffin

“Reforming” or changing via vote or otherwise, the slave state, is only going to keep the slave state going.

Abolition of slavery, even mental slavery, is the only way to ensure humanity can be free.

COVID BOMBSHELL: Top FDA Official Exposes TRUTH On Vaccinations- WE KNEW IT!

BOOM: We Were Right All ALONG- COVID Lab Leak Theory PROOF!

BREAKING News About Bill Gates… Karma Just SLAPPED Him In The Face

BREAKING News From Bill Gates After Covid-19 Vaccine Hits America

*For any concerns about COVID contact MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

Expect the worse as the presidential election closes in.

The Dems will once again use COVID to their advantage as they did in the last election.

Well, we have to fight fire with fire.

No more MR.NICE GUY!

Republicans better get this in their minds, start the impeachment process and play dirty as all hell just like the dems or we will lose.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


I encourage you to read this article titled ALERT: The New Version Is SPREADING FAST…

Enjoy and GOD BLESS!

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