BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Coming Back? Here’s What We Know


Since his untimely ouster from Fox News by the Murdoch brothers in April, fans have been speculating as to where to former top-rated cable news star would land. O’Reilly wasted no time getting back on the airwaves with podcasts airing on almost immediately upon his return from vacation.

The episode marked a return for the popular news host just six days after his departure from Fox News, where he hosted the perennially top-rated O’Reilly Factor for two decades.


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O’Reilly stated his plan going forward was to continue to air podcasts growing the length progressively as time goes on eventually turning into a full-length news program.  Then on Thursday, O’Reilly laid out a definitive plan via a podcast entitled “O’Reilly Lays out Plans for the Future in Last Free Podcast,” and announced his plans to launch a video news program from his website, perhaps syndicating to other networks as well.


O’Reilly’s podcast will be made available to those with a premium subscription to his website. A subscription costs $49.95 per year or $4.95 per month.

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Via his podcast, O’Reilly stated to his loyal fan base –


So, I hope you consider it and sign up because we will be here Monday through Thursday with our audio broadcast, and we are working on making it a video display. 

We’re going to expand the concept on, and maybe go into some other networks as well.

We really appreciate you guys hanging with us the first week on the ‘No Spin News,’ it’s very nice of you to do that. We think we provide a unique perspective on the news, by the way, and as I said in the beginning of this broadcast, we’re going to expand it. So, we’re going to expand it.

A lot of people interested, I’m taking my time. “There’s a lot of things that I have to clear up, as I mentioned on Monday when I first came on the air. There’s a lot of things in play, and you’ll know what the deal is.”

There has been additional speculation amongst the media industry regarding the formation of a new conservative media outlet and many hope that should it come to fruition O’Reilly will be a part of that.

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There has been a considerable shakeup with the ouster of many of the most popular conservative news personalities at Fox.  The latest casualty was top executive Bill Shine.  With his departure, the speculation that Hannity will be soon to follow has run rampant.  He and Shine were close, with Shine being an integral part of getting Hannity started nearly 20 years ago with Hannity & Combs.

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Many are concerned with the significant shift to the left that Fox News appears to be showing. O’Reilly was the highest rated cable news personality many years and many fans look forward to his possible return. gives fans the opportunity to do that and to support his new “No Spin News” program as it lengthens prompting O’Reilly’s return to the news world in a big way.

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