Bill O’Reilly FINALLY Admits It


Seeing Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly together bring back memories of the good old days at FOX.

Sadly, those days are gone.

That’s partly what makes this report so sweet.

Neil Cavuto?

What a joke.

After you are done reading this report I strongly urge you to watch the entire episode of Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly which I have included in this report- it is absolutely incredible!

Former FOX News superstar Tucker Carlson sat down with another former FOX News heavyweight Bill O’Reilly in an exclusive interview where they discussed a variety of topics including the dirt on O’Reilly departure from Fox News, the disastrous state of America and the world under Biden’s watch and why he believes the progressive politicians are to blame.

But perhaps the most interesting topic of all was when the two discussed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

O’Reilly is extremely knowledgeable and dropped some incredible bombshells.

Before we get to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy we will cover O’Reilly’s opinion of the state of demented Biden and the radical far left’s destruction of America.

“We Are In The Age Of Disorder Now”

“America has entered the age of disorder, and it’s because of the progressive movement,” O’Reilly said to Tucker.

There is nothing “progressive” about these leftwing wackos and their insane agendas.

They are not evolving.

They are in fact DEVOLVING.

What Biden and the vast majority of democrats who in reality are Socialists and borderline COMMUNISTS have nothing to do with progress.

That’s a fact.

Check this out from Mac Slavo at SHTFPLAN :

O’Reilly said that Ron Klain and Susan Rice were the original string-pullers, but since their departure from The White House, their assistants took their place “basically telling Joe what to do and say.”

“President Biden, in my opinion, is diminished mentally, doesn’t know what he’s really doing from day to day. You can see that in his public statements,” O’Reilly remarked, adding that “the progressives like that because the people who control him inside the White House can tell him anything, and he’ll do it.”

According to a report by ZeroHedge,he argued that Biden has harkened to an “age of disorder” which has resulted in the emergence of Black Lives Matter, higher taxes, lax crime laws, and progressive indoctrination of children at young ages.

All tax laws are immoral considering taxation is theft.

More or less doesn’t change the inherent immorality of stealing the means of someone else’s production.

“The more money you take from people, the less power they have, and the progressives want to run everything, including telling your children what to think when they’re five years old,” O’Reilly said.

“And most Americans don’t get it, because the press is working with the progressive movement and suppresses all this.”

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

JFK’s assassination also discussed when Tucker asked O’Reilly his take on who he believed was really behind Kennedy’s assassination.

O’Reilly told Carlson that he believes that “Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy.”

Here’s where it get’s interesting.

“But one of the guys who was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald was George de Mohrenschildt,” O’Reilly said.

“A CIA operative, not an agent de Mohrenschildt was a Russian living in America,” O’Reilly told Tucker.

O’Reilly went on to say that “Lee Harvey Oswald was a crude uneducated man. De Mohrenschildt was an aristocrat.”

“Why was he hanging with Lee Harvey Oswald?”

Good question.

“Blows his brains out.”

O’Reilly added, “de Mohrenschildt then committed suicide.”

“When the Church Committee investigators approach his home in Palm Beach Florida.”

“Blows his brains out.”

I am including 2 clips of the interview.

The first is a short clip focused on the assassination and the second clip is the interview in it’s entirety:


“Bill O’Reilly Tells Tucker About How CIA Operative George Mohrenschildt Befriended Lee Harvey Oswald and “committed suicide” after Church committee started to investigate him. #TuckerCarlson #JFK ”


Absolutely incredible.

Here’s the interview in it’s entirety:

Ep. 26 The Bill O’Reilly Interview

It’s so great seeing Tucker and O’Reilly together.

It brings back memories back when FOX was the top dawg of conservative news.

Sadly those days are long gone and there are just a small handful of the greats left at FOX.

I predict that these individuals will be gone within a year at best- unless they sell out and go full blown anti Trump.

We hope you enjoyed this report.

God Bless.


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