Billy Vaughn “Faith In American Citizens To Help America”


This morning I spoke with Billy Vaughn, father of fallen Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (Seal) Aaron Vaughn. First I will recap a bit of what has happened in case you do not know about Billy and Karen Vaughn or Extortion 17.

Since May of 2011 Mr and Mrs Vaughn’s lives have not been the same. On May 2, 2011 VP Joe Biden released classified information about the take down of Al Qaeda’s Bin Laden.

Within a day of Joe Biden releasing this information, Aaron called his mom to have her remove everything from her social media. He was afraid for the people that he loved that may not be able to defend themselves. Since his identity and all others from Seal Team 6 were no longer protected due to Joe Biden’s breach of National Security.

Billy explained that on 2-27-14 they had a congressional meeting for what was supposed to be answers to family members of the fallen that tragic night. The hearing was scheduled to last 4 hours. It started at 10am after about 30 minutes of introductions, there was only 1 hour and 15 minutes of actual questions.

For the congressional members that were there they were given 5 minutes to ask the DOD members questions. In doing so there were no rebuttals.

Mr and Mrs. Vaughn have been pursuing answers for the death of their son and 29 other American Soldiers killed in this mission. Yet in all this time they are not getting them. As in the title, Mr. Vaughn stated his faith is in the American people. We are the only ones who can make an impact on the direction in America. Our military and our freedoms that many have fought and gave their lives for, are being compromised.

“We are living in a time where we fail to recognize the enemy! This failure is impacting America greatly.”

I asked Mr. Vaughn if they had received any answers about the Imam condemning the 30 fallen American Soldiers as Infidels. Mr. Vaughn has been told that “experts” say it was honoring them. Also that the Infidel was in reference to the Afghan Soldiers. Others have told them that they are not familiar with the sayings in the recording.

Mrs. Vaughn sent only the audio portion to get it verified to 4 sources. All came back saying the same thing. The Imam was condemning the American Soldiers to hell for being Infidels. Yet officials are not familiar with the saying.

Most of us know that this administration does not care how they are perceived. There are more scandals that plague the last 5 years than most people can name. One thing I think needs to be at the top of all the lists, are the ones that took American lives. I know there is nothing we can do to bring back any live lost. We can help all family members seek justice.

There has to be accountability. No one was to ever know about Seal Team 6, Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for his actions. This is a bottom up, top down issue. The president has the authority to act on Biden’s breech that ultimately cost 30 lives. The fact that the president has done nothing means that congressional members should act on his failure to do so. Yet they do not.

I am asking you all to get involved, ask the Vaughn’s what we can do to help. How we can help assure something like this does not happen again. Stand with them in standing up for our military and our Country. You can reach the Vaughn’s on FB, Twitter, or their website. We can not allow this to be an untold tragedy no more.


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