VIDEO: THUG Dons Bizarre Costume To Avoid Cops… Watch The Hilarious Arrest!


What A Drag!

No, not a drag race.  This case actually ended with the mustached perpetrator wearing a baby blue dress and a disheveled wig.  As a patriotic publication, Deplorable Digest firmly believes that jumping to conclusions in criminal matters is irresponsible.  As such, we will try to limit our assumptions here on out, keeping our analysis limited to the facts of the matter: this man was wearing a dress thus he is obviously a Hillary supporter.  And, before you ask, we checked–this isn’t some Tyler Perry remake of a Robin Williams. Enough jokes, play the tape:


In a thuggish version of Mrs. Doubtfire, a wanted criminal suspected of involvement in six separate gun-related charges was found dressed in drag in a Baltimore-area apartment.  Jamie Bull, 18, was spotted by officers running with a rifle in hand near his West Baltimore home


Following a search of the residence, police recovered a .22 caliber rifle as well as a fully-loaded MAC 11. Despite the sheer audacity and absurdity of the details in this case, Police Spokesman T.J. Smith says that the teen will be back on the street in no time since “all charges were misdemeanors.”


Violent crime plagues this Maryland city run by Democrats.  Despite a brief reprieve from the voluminous homicides that came in 2011 where the city saw less than 200 annual murders for the first time in almost 30 years, this break was short lived and soon proved itself to be the exception rather than the new rule.

In 2013, despite a regional and national trend of violent crime decreasing, Baltimore became an enclave of miscreants and thugs and the murder rosters soared to 235–a staggering body-count by any measure.  Baltimore has the 26th highest murder rate in the world and is only beaten by one other US city (and no, it’s actually not Chicago, but rather St. Louis that claims the prize).  But to put that in perspective, Baltimore ranks itself among murder fiefdoms in Brazilian cities–the types surrounded by Brazilian shanty-towns called favelas.


Many likely thought it would get better after this, but fate had other intentions.  In 2015, riots broke out falling the death of Freddie Gray, a man who died while in the custody of four minority police officers.  Still, gang members and masked brats took to the streets and brutalized their fellow man white “protesting” what they called “white supremacist actions of police officers.” Sure, the officers weren’t white, but facts be damned! The murder count would go on to reach 344 that year.

As for this year, the focus of our story is hardly alone in his violent antics.  True to form, Baltimore is proving that even if you dress in drag like Jamie Bull, you will still be lost in a sea of godless statistics.  A Baltimore Police Department crime data tool has logged 4 murders, 5 rapes, 142 robberies, 113 assaults, 222 burglaries, 416 instances of larceny, and 93 stolen vehicles.   Oh, and if you were curious, 5 buildings were set ablaze by arsonists.

This is what democratic policies lead America towards: a decrepit concrete jungle with a failing infrastructure, poverty, and rampant crime.  And Democrats are working hard right now to see that these cities can become city-states through a nasty gerrymandering tactic being explored by the radical left.


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