BREAKING: Black Thug Who President Trump Got Out Of Chinese PRISON… Look What He’s Doing Now


In a bid to remain relevant LaVar Ball attempts to reignite his feud with President Donald Trump.  This guy just will not give up. Ball has been desperately seeking to gain President Trump’s attention. 

Ball rose to national attention as the father of former UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball was jailed for shoplifting while in China. LiAngelo along with Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were caught shoplifting sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in China.


LaVar famously….or rather infamously….refused to thank President Trump for intervening what could have become an international incident potentially sparking a diplomatic crisis to free his son. According to LaVar? It was no big deal!

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LaVar said of the incident –

“Everybody is making it a big deal. It ain’t that big of a deal.’’

LaVar’s ungrateful response prompted President Trump to take to Twitter to publicly scold LaVar calling him an “ungrateful fool” in a tweet.


Now LaVar is attempting to revive the incident and gain relevance by attacking President Trump on social media.  He tells the President #stayinyolane and posts a GIF of a basketball player slam dunking President Trump.



It is becoming all too clear that LaVar is merely attempting to use his son as a PR stunt to promote his Big Baller line of sneakers. LaVar appeared on CNN on Tuesday demanding a “thank you” from President Trump claiming it as his due because he sent the President three pairs of sneakers. Now, Lavar is posting a GIF of himself dunking on Trump.


While LaVar’s eldest son Lonzo is a rookie with the LA Lakers and was a college basketball star with UCLA, it seems LaVar’s ego has insured his younger two sons will never have that opportunity.  After LiAngelo disgraced himself and his family requiring President Trump’s intervention, UCLA suspended him indefinitely from the basketball team. Rather than wait to find out the length of the indefinite suspension, LaVar instead opted to withdraw his son from school proclaiming to one and all that LiAngelo would be entering the 2018 NBA draft, therefore making a transfer to another school impossible.
Now LaVar has signed both LiAngelo and his younger brother LaMelo with an agent with the intention of finding a team to play overseas. Lonzo’s agent Harrison Gaines, has opted to take on his two younger brothers as well. However, signing with an agent this soon makes a high school player ineligible to play college basketball except in rare instances. LaMelo is 16 and was formerly a junior at Chino Hills High School.  However, his father had an ongoing feud with the school’s basketball coach causing LaVar to yank LaMelo out of school.  The original plan was to homeschool LaMelo. Instead, LiAngelo’s situation has significantly changed things.

Gaines has now put the word out the Ball brothers are looking for a team to play professionally, but most credible European general managers are rolling their eyes while yelling “RUN AWAY!” It seems most European club executives want little to nothing to do with the Balls partially because of the stage dad from hell routine that LaVar plays and partially because the two younger boys come with no known track record.

According to the Bleacher Report, Francesc Solana, general manager of Spanish club MoraBanc Andorra, and a regular at the annual NBA Summer League in Las Vegas was approached by the Ball family this week.  He remains very leery of their intentions and and of their credentials. He states of the situation – 

“LiAngelo and LaMelo were offered to our team, both kids, looking for a deal in Europe. Money isn’t an issue to them, but they have zero experience, so it’s difficult to take them seriously. I don’t know what to do with the dad, LaVar Ball (laughs). This isn’t a good or normal situation; I don’t like it, we are not going to sign them.”

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