BREAKING: Black College Quarterback FIRED After Kneeling Like A Scumbag During Anthem

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Once again we have a black supremacist a hole kneeling during our National Anthem and the team did the right thing- they kicked his ass to the curb.

Albright College in Reading cut Gyree Durante from its team after he took a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner, according the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Gyree… What the f kind of name is that anyways? Who actually comes up with this crap?

According to the paper, the school promised consequences if players took actions different than those made in a special agreement.

Agreement? Stand with your right hand over your heart and pay respect to our great country- PERIOD.

I couldn’t give a crap if you are black. Big fu*king deal. You are no better than ANYBODY and you ungrateful idiots need to get over your racist  bullsh*t.

I’m WHITE. You have a problem with that? Go to hell a holes!

From Fox News:

The team’s “leadership council” decided that the squad would take a knee during the pregame coin toss, but stand for the national anthem.

After Durante knelt, the Division III Lions went on to lose to Delaware Valley University, from nearby Doylestown, by 41-6.

Durante’s name was wiped from the team roster and a college spokesperson said in a statement obtained by ESPN that the Norristown, Pa. native was dismissed for his actions.

The player’s father, Ronnell, said Gyree is now experiencing a “hostile environment.”

“They’ve already pitted players against him… It’s a small campus so you can feel it in the air,” he told ESPN.

His mother told the network that Gyree is a “strong kid” and remains in good spirits: “He’s officially a grown man. He made this decision completely on his own.”

Gyree Durante said he knelt in protest against social injustice and racism.

“I wanted to start a conversation… to take a stand,” he told the Reading Eagle.

Well, you took your ignorant stand.

I’ll make a deal with you. I promise to put you on the front page when you get arrested for burglary or assault or rape or drugs.

You like that? Good, I’ll keep my eyes out for your accomplishments. Until then, congratulations on getting booted off the team.

You freaking MORON!LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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