Black Cop Makes SHOCKING Admission After Attending Trump Rally: ‘I’ve Never Felt So…’

A black Tucson Police Officer decided he was going to attend a Donald Trump campaign rally for himself to see if the media’s reports about his supporters being violent were true. After the event, he uploaded a video in which he made a shocking admission about Trump’s supporters, and an even more stunning admission about his protesters.

Officer Brandon Tatum went to the Saturday night rally Trump held in Tucson, and as a black man, he should have been absolutely terrified of Trump’s “racist, bigoted” supporters, if he were to listen to media reports, that is. But according to Breitbart, Tatum had an entirely different experience from what’s reported by the liberal media, and he says it’s actually the anti-Trump supporters who are the most hateful, evil people he’s ever seen.

In fact, he said they became so bad that mothers had to cover their children’s ears to protect them from hearing the awful things that #BlackLivesMatter people were saying.


Tatum actually witnessed one instance where a protester got out of hand and instigated a fight. He says the man either assaulted or spit on a Trump supporter, then a scuffle ensued. Now he’s hoping that his video gets out so that the typical coverage from the leftist media that only shows retaliation against the person causing the trouble doesn’t overrun the news.

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He also remarked about the candidate himself. Tatum went into the event thinking that Trump was going to espouse hateful and bigoted rhetoric, but found the complete opposite to be the case, which Tatum says made him respect The Donald.


“His character’s a lot different than what you would perceive it to be in the media,” he says.

We all have the “joy” of seeing the wall-to-wall coverage trying to paint Trump as something he’s not by the terrified liberal media, but the opposite is true, as Tatum’s video reveals. For him to say he felt completely safe around Trump supporters while explaining that the protesters were the ones who are unhinged speaks volumes, especially coming from a black man.

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