BREAKING: Obama’s Black Gangs Just Declared WAR On Police, Snipers On Rooftops


A meeting between three West Side Chicago gang leaders took place last week in order to discuss plans to murder police officers.  Their justification? The shooting of an 18-year-old car thief named Paul O’Neal.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that this meeting took place Thursday between high-ranking members of the Vice Lords, Black Disciples, and Four Corner Hustlers.


It is currently unclear how the Chicago Police Department was able to uncover this intelligence as it appears the Sun Times was monitoring police scanners when they uncovered this scoop.

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While the department spokesman acknowledges the veracity of the intelligence, he was understandably unwilling to speak about any ongoing police operations to counter the threat.   However, police sources at the Sun Times have said they’ve been ordered to “limit interactions and visibility.”


Following the shooting of Laquan McDonald, Eddie Johnson was sworn in as interim Commissioner.

They Claim To Have A Sniper

According to the CPD scanner, the Four Corner Hustlers “provided guns” and have “a sniper in place” though the police are not sure where.  The guns they provided are allegedly automatic weapons.  The three gangs cover much of the west side.

There is always a chance that this is being done to intimidate police into creating a no-go zone where crime can flourish.   There’s also always a chance that it is completely true as well.  These are the times we live in.


Paul O’Neal

The local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police is blaming the rhetoric of O’Neal’s family lawyer who said the killing of Paul was an “execution.” 

Paul O’neal died shortly after stealing a vehicle –while driving aggressively to evade capture, O’Neal crashed along the broadside of one cruiser, nearly hitting an officer.  An officer that saw this collision unfold began to discharge his weapon, moments later, the officer that dodged the oncoming vehicle joined him.  The barrage kept O’Neal’s eyes off the road long enough for him to crash into one of the CPD’s SUVs.  The line of fire was dangerous–the officers were briefly firing in the direction of their colleagues and the result was disorienting. After the suspect was detained and wounded, one officer later asked if “they shot at us too, right?”


But that’s all we know. The bodycam on the officer that shot the suspect failed to record–a fact that has left some wondering whether foul play was involved.  Some of the biggest instigators were, of course, Black Lives Matter.

Disavow This Call For Bloodshed

To the men in blue, stay safe.


To the people of Chicago, Mr. Mayor, Black Lives Matter, and the family of Paul O’Neal:


Do the right thing! Disavow this heinous and barbaric approach to society.

If life is  precious, then all death must be a tragedy. If you truly care about Patrick, then you must truly care about all life–the lives of officers included.

Blue has no other color. There is no race in blue. The officers involved in the apprehension of O’Neal were multiracial, as are the officers of thousands of departments.

Don’t let Chicago once again lead, by disastrous example, the cities of our nation into criminal subjugation. Do not let the underbelly of society, the thugs, and the racketeers legitimize their authority through revenge slayings in the name of “justice.”

Do the right thing.


This article was written by Brett MacDonald. If you enjoyed this story or did not, hate mail can be left in the comments below and the author totally won’t ignore it.  Compliments or questions may be sent to @ TweetBrettMac. on Twitter!



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