Black Lives Matter Make Sick NEW Demand To All White People… This Will TICK You Off!


The 2017 NFL season kicked off on Sunday for most of America, except many Americans are choosing to tune out due to a rash of professional athletes choosing to turn game time into a political protest.  In a protest many say began with former-San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, many players are kneeling during the National Anthem.  Some are even raising a clenched fist as a symbol of unity, strength, defiance, or resistance.

Many Americans are sick of the NFL allowing politics and political demonstrations interfere with what many of them believe is an American pass time. However, one man is choosing to tune out for a different reason. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has vowed to boycott the NFL until the second string, mediocre former quarterback is signed to an NFL team.


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Wonder just how long he will wait because I am guessing it may be a long time. Outside of the social justice warrior crowd and professional race baiters, most do not think much of King.

As of Friday, King is calling for a national boycott of the NFL for the perceived injustice done to Kaepernick, stating –

This past June I announced that I would be personally boycotting the NFL for their outrageous mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick. That decision was personal and I hesitated to call for a national boycott of the league — in part because I naively thought Colin would already be on a team by now. He’s not — and that’s wrong.


Today, I am calling for a national boycott of the NFL.

Don’t watch the games. Any of them. Not in person and not on television.

Cancel any subscription services to the league — like Sunday Ticket — if you have one.

Don’t even watch the damn highlights.

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King goes on to discuss this issue about why he believes Kaepernick is being targeted and how this is not an issue of a political troublemaker and mediocre quarterback grandstanding but about an issue of racism and social justice.  King believes this is an issue of white supremacists believing that a black man got above himself and that Kaepernick being blackballed by the league is an issue of putting Kaepernick back in his place.

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King states –

“Colin Kaepernick is in the prime of his athletic life. He is in peak physical condition. He is a model citizen. He is a compassionate and generous soul. He was so well-liked by his teammates last season that they voted to give him the team’s highest honor for his performance on and off the field. He has set NFL records. He took his team to the Super Bowl and deep into the playoffs multiple times. None of it matters, though, because teams in the NFL are openly aiming to make an example of him.

League executives have openly admitted that they “genuinely hate him.” Let’s stop right there for a moment. How could that even be? Hate what? What has this man done to warrant such strong disdain?

Please allow me to remind you that at least seven different NFL team ownersgave $1 million or more to Donald Trump’s campaign. No other sports league in the world is even close to that number. If you don’t think Colin being shut out of the NFL has anything to do with this, then you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem. These white men hate Colin, like Donald Trump hates Colin, and like Trump hates Obama, because they cannot believe a black man stepped into power without their permission. These white team owners cannot believe that Colin took a stance against injustice in America without their expressed permission and blessing. And they particularly cannot believe that when they expressed their displeasure, that he continued to do it anyway — with players all over the league following his example. That’s why they hate him. He is a quiet, peaceful man. To hate him says much more about you than it does about Colin”

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Kaepernick has been persona non grata within NFL ranks since he launched the campaign of protest against the national anthem. The campaign ignited a media frenzy and a score of controversy propelling Kaepernick to the national spotlight despite being a mediocre second-string quarterback doomed to warming the bench.  He also led Americans to completely boycott the NFL in droves, though not for the reasons King suggests.

It appears Kaepernick had the erroneous belief that his notoriety made him a valuable commodity, as Kaepernick then chose to opt out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers.  Rather than the start of an illustrious and lucrative career with the NFL, Kaepernick ended up unemployed.  At least one team turned him down flat all due to his reputation as a political troublemaker.  That sounds like a business decision, one where you chose to distance yourself from someone that has alienated the core base of those that pay your salaries.

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While Miami did not come right out and say they were choosing Jay Cutler over Kaepernick but given the tussle last year between Kaepernick and several of the Dolphins over Kaepernick’s fanboy crush on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, many believe it is implied.  The Miami fan base made up of Cuban refugees were not at all amused.

Despite the fact that King is convinced of Kaepernick’s super star status, the NFL and many other Americans just are not convinced.  His stats show him to be a middle of the road quarterback which are a dime a dozen, and they don’t have Kaepernick’s baggage.

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Outside of the social justice warrior crowd and professional race baiters, most do not think much of King, who has struggled with his own issues.  King has long been accused of lying about his biracial status since his birth certificate lists two white parents. King maintains his biological father is a different man, a light skinned black man. He also claims to be the victim of a hate crime during high school which the investigating detective, 6 witnesses including the teacher that actually broke up the fight, contradict.

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Meanwhile, the NFL’s ratings cannot get much worse.  It seems the NFL may take a chance on losing King and Kaepernick, as well as others of that ilk if it means the rest of American will tune back in.


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