Ah the genius tactics of the angry ‘Black Lives Matter’ and their #BlackBrunch movement have reached a new level.

Now, in addition to storming into restaurants where white people are trying to eat breakfast or lunch and complaining about the injustices they face as African Americans here in America they now have decided to pull up a chair at your table and stare at you.

Yes these people will actually come stare at you while you eat! This is just so ridiculous I have to laugh. And I have to wonder how they have the time to go and harass people while they eat-don’t they need to be at work and making a living to support their families?


I admit, this is better than going and killing all Whites.

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But still, this is totally unacceptable in my opinion but I will confess to being White- well, I am Italian and German but was born in the U.S.A. and have blond hair and blue eyes. Is that a crime nowadays? Am I ‘privileged’ – NO!


I have worked my ass off since I was 13 and my parents were from the ‘Depression’ era which means you ate everything off your plate (there are starving people in Africa they used to say) and I wore hand-me-downs until they were unwearable  and all that sort of thing but I don’t complain!

I was raised to respect people and taught morals, values, love for Country and love for God.


What these people expect from bothering people while eating I can’t really tell you but I do know that it is nothing less than rude and actually it is illegal. If you get bothered by these people I would call the police to have them removed. 



God Bless. 


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  1. Matt Rhodes Âû says:

    I’ll be honest: I’d just pretend it didn’t bother me, and offer them food. I think that’d get their goat more than anything.

    • Uh uh, I’d eat w/ my mouth open, showing them my chewed food as I did so and then maybe spit some back on my plate and offer it to them then! I could take my son, who LOATHES black ppl, and that boy can belch w/ the best of them! My husband has farting down to a fine art and I can chew my food really gross and noisily! hehehe We’d “disgust” them outta there…except I don’t think they’d notice, it’s probably what they’re used to… At least those that have nothing better to do then show their total disregard for decency and the manners that their Grandmothers taught them. Heck, Grandma is probably spinning in her grave seeing how this generation is turning into.

    • Lol hopefully they serve Chicken, Watermelon and Kool-aid.

  2. These Idiots get paid to protest.

  3. This is really sad, but a fair warning to the Black community. Be careful what you wish for, whites do not collect stolen firearms, we do not posses junk and we know how to use our firearms, if you lite this candles fuse your going to get your Per the Qur’an “Rasin Heads” beat.

    • Grace Nikoah Scott says:

      Why are u treating us black ppl? I don’t even know u. Are u trying to start some race war?

      • I am NOT Threatening Black people this was a response to Black Lives matter about killing all whites.

      • No but the black lives matter is trying to start a race war moron. I actually have a lot more respect for the Blacks than Mexicans. They have talent. Sports, music, etc. But that respect is being diminished the more I read about this stupid BLM movement. Keep up the good work pfffft…

  4. ForTheMusic says:

    if i owned a restaurant and these idiots were bugging my customers and not ordering anything, i would have them thrown out.

    • Union Lacktivist says:

      Any restaurant owner that kowtows to these black lives matter criminals deserves to lose business over it. There is a term used for someone who enters a business with zero intention of buying something but wants to harass your customers. It is trespass and possible criminal trespass depending on what they do in your facility. Your customers have a right to not be harassed by a non-patron, you’d be doing the right thing. Anyone who doesn’t kick these BLM scum out is doing the wrong thing. It is that simple.

      If someone got into my space, I’d throw an elbow at them.

  5. Laurie Wight says:

    It’s pretty difficult to pretend all races are equal! Lol! White people are saints!

  6. I guess they are waiting for a free meal invitation. That would save their food stamps and a little bit of work. After all black lives matter!!!

    • Grace Nikoah Scott says:

      I hate when ppl like u use this all lives matter thing as an excuse to put black ppl down and make racial assumptions

      • Lynda Denson says:

        I hate when people like you wear chips on your shoulders and go around looking for stuff to be offended by. ALL LIVES MATTER, no matter what color your skin is… and black lives are no less and no more important than any other lives. It’s time to stop hanging on to the past and how “wronged” your race was in slavery… and join the rest of us in the future. As long as you keep seeing yourselves as victims you will never reach your full potential. Long ago, if other black tribes wouldn’t have sold you into slavery, then you wouldn’t even be here in the USA, with all of the chances that you have available to you. So, instead of seeing yourselves as victims, how about looking at your history as a stepping stone to a future success. Blacks act like they are the only people who have ever been sold into slavery. Slavery has been around forever and white people have been slaves too. So, stop with this you owe me because of what my great great ancestor went through… and stop looking for social programs to meet all of your needs. Many black people have broken free from this mentality and are very happy prosperous contributing members of society. ALL LIVES MATTER!

      • Tell your fellow bros and sisters to knock it off then like Peggy Hubbard.

  7. Oops I spilled my steaming hot coffee on you, my bad 😉

  8. good thing all these protesters’ bosses’ let them have all this time off work to for “blackliesmatter”

  9. Psalms139.23.24 says:

    This article seems like an apology for not being black. Unacceptable. They don’t rate one.

  10. I would have their asses removed for intimidation and harassment, but definitely would tell them bitches move on!!!?

  11. If one of these morons came and sat next to me while I ate, I would tell them they have 10 seconds to leave before I get up and piss on them. That would probably make them leave. Or I would sit at the table and fart at them.

  12. call the police

  13. you let them come sit with me and I will pepper spray them from my table saying I feared for my life, see how they like that. Stupid POS

  14. Bernard McKenna says:

    If they tried this with my family, I feel sorry for them. My wife’s of Italian ancestry and my kids are of mixed Irish-Italian. My wife would insist on feeding them and my kids would talk their ears off. And me? I could get some sleep.

  15. Joe Agnello says:

    I would ask them if they werehungry, please leave, I like to eat alone pickup the check or bring me some more water!!

  16. They’d never try that in a white conservative area, lol…they do it in white liberal areas because they know white liberals will tolerate their crap out of a sense of “white guilt”.

  17. I would looooove one of these idiots to sit with me while i eat. Iwould HARASS THE CRAP OUTOF THEM. They might end up calling the police on me! hahahaha

  18. all yall are racist in here

  19. Grace Nikoah Scott says:

    Are your privileged yes. Are u in denial yes. Privilege is the privilege to deny your white advantages. If you are writing this i would hope your more educated. Do I agree watchin people eat is wrong of course but try to write this a little better and be more sensetive about the language you are using. Why is their income or possible time for a job even your concern? So much irrelevance…

    • Lynda Denson says:

      You are the racist… The reason they question their time to be out bothering other people instead of working a real job is because those of us who do work for a living are sick and tired of providing for all of those who are sitting at home on their couches and talking on their free cell phones or out bothering hard working people while they are sucking off the “free” government programs that our incomes are being taxed to provide.

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