Black Lives Matter THUGS Go To Louisiana, Flood Victims Have Just 1 Response


The end of this story features an assortment of links to various crimes committed by Black Lives Matter Thugs. Feel free to use the sources to educate others on the true nature of this terrorist organization.

The Donald, one of the greatest online communities for Donald Trump supporters, has been turning up the heat criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the Louisiana flooding that has displaced thousands.


The premise of their attack was simple and impossible to deny: if Black Lives Matter really cares about black lives, and if they received millions of dollars in funding, why haven’t they supported their fellow brothers and sisters that are suffering from the devastating natural disaster?

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Well after enough criticism was dished out in this fashion, Black Lives Matter thugs began to descend on the state in swarms.  They weren’t there to hand out much needed hope and supplies like Donald Trump, nor were they there to rescue pets, repair damage, or volunteer with the Red Cross.

They arrived to do what they always do — make a bad situation worse by robbing the narrative and manipulating the mainstream media.  They complained, they stomped, they protested…and they were told to shut up by many of the local black residents that were suffering.

While Floods DEVASTATE Louisiana, Black Lives Matter Gets This BRUTAL Message… [VIDEO]

In a video that went viral, black Baton Rouge resident Jerry Washington spoke out against the organization:

“Because I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people from our own city saving us.” – Washington


According to the Washington Times, BLM has received tons of criticism following their handling of the situation:

Black Lives Matter drew an outraged response on Facebook last week after promoting a company offering free family photos to victims whose pictures were destroyed in the flooding. “This is the most you have done after you [came] and raised hell and stirred up [a] mess … Where are the donations from your organization?” asked Manolo Espinal of Louisiana. “[B]oats to rescue people? Food for the hungry? Where are the marches and protests for the homeless and those who lost everything?”

Trump HUMILIATES Louisiana Governor And Media When He Shows Up With An 18-Wheeler Full Of…

Still some are trying to defend the organization — usually by claiming that BLM is not helping because it’s outside their wheelhouse.  Thankfully, Rod Dreher of The American Conservative was quick to point out how BLM has no problem sticking their nose into every single problem — on college campuses, at gay rights marches, at political speeches — they always take over and subvert whatever productive dialogue is ongoing until they are the center of attention.

Here’s Dreher putting it best:

“Where is Black Lives Matter? Not in Baton Rouge this week, that’s for sure. I guess black lives only really matter to those activists when they’ve been taken by cops, not when they’ve been saved by cops. Which is happening every single day down here. White people and black people, including Baton Rouge police officers (half of whom lost their homes), working together to save white people and black people and all kinds of people.”

Flood Survivor LOSES It When Asked What Trump’s Louisiana Visit Means To Him [VID]

Anti-Black Lives Matter Resources (h/t 2016Politics)

  • Compilation Video including someone saying that we should not affirm all lives because white people have no value, destruction of private property, 13:07 someone asks “so you agree with Malcom X that white people should be killed” and the woman responds “you’re damn right I do!”….there are several other videos linked to by this youtube channel.
  • Black Lives Matter takes over vigil for Orlando victims.
  • Blocking Highways.
  • Blocking Ambulances.
  • Chanting “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry Like Bacon”.
  • Taking over this library and not allowing people with white skin to enter this library.
  • The Milwaukee riots which happened when a black police officer shot a black person who pointed a stolen gun at him while under the authority of a black Sheriff and black President…how is this white people’s fault? How does burning their city to the ground help to end discrimination? How do these people expect us to agree to having fewer and less militarized police with things like this going on? How does this help build bridges between black communities and the police that are there to protect them? This isn’t about race, and many black leaders have come out against the BLM group. As Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee said, “people have to find a more socially acceptable way to deal with their frustration.” To that end, Sheriff Brown asked minorities to become more involved in their police (we elect our Sheriff, so if you have concerns find someone you trust and get them elected) and also told them to get off the picket line and submit an application to become a police officer. …but cities are still burning to the ground instead.
  • …even blocking highways and stopping LGBT events in other countries! If this was simply about black people being killed by US police (as they claim), then they would not be doing these things in other countries in addition to the U.S. (and as Sheriff Clarke points out on a regular basis, there are better ways to handle your frustration than by breaking laws and setting things on fire).


This article was written by Brett MacDonald. If you enjoyed this story or did not, hate mail can be left in the comments below and the author totally won’t ignore it.  

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