Black Man And His Kids ATTACKED At Trump Protest, Media SILENT [VID]


Anti-Trump ‘activists’ congregated in Columbus Circle in New York City and as you can imagine, it was disgusting. The protest was funded by far left hate groups. Black Lives Matter thugs were there spewing their usual hate and racism.

The anti-Trump scumbags were met with a group of pro-Trump supporters, including this black man who had a lot to say- but the leftist commies wouldn’t listen. Instead they hurled obscenities at him in front of his young children. So classy…

The man pointed out that Mexicans are stealing all the jobs and that he backs Trump for bring the problem into the spotlight.

The man, who stood across from hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators outside the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue this afternoon, told Breitbart News that “Come to Harlem. There’s so much building going on right now in Harlem. Buildings are going up right now while we’re talking. And I’ve got it documented, on every construction site in Harlem, you don’t see [any] blacks working”.


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He, with his two young daughters, suffered a spate of verbal abuse from so-called “Black Lives Matter” affiliated, and “anti-racism” protesters. They accused him of being paid by Donald Trump, but in the face of aggression, he wished people well with their day.


“I’m in the reality business,” he said, adding: “It ain’t that we don’t wanna work, it’s that we can’t work because the Mexicans have taken all the jobs.”

He’s right. I’ve seen it firsthand. It’s sickening. They don’t even do good work for the most part from what I’ve seen.


“[People] roll up in rage by watching the news saying that he said this, and he said that. But you never heard him say it. You heard soundbytes, but you don’t know what came in-between the soundbytes. And that’s how media works, and how America works”.

And then he turned his guns on the so-called representatives of black Americans. “If Al Sharpton opens his mouth black people don’t do [anything].

He claimed that people like Jesse Jackson could not speak anymore because of a baby of his being born out of wedlock – calling into question his ability to speak with moral purpose.

“Al Sharpton… everybody runs to him like he speaks for black America – no he don’t. He endorsed, Bernie or Hillary? He brought them both to Harlem. I was confused… One thing I know for sure… Trump for President.”

Damn right my brother!


A special thanks to RAHEEM KASSAM at Breitbart- good job!

God Bless. 


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