Black MOB Finds Homeless White Man, Teach Him Horrifying “Lesson” In Front Of Children


Three black women savagely beat a homeless white man to death with a hammer and a chair leg, all because the 10-year-old son of one of the women lied and said the homeless man hit him.

The 10-year old mini thug competed with the homeless man for tips, pumping gas at a Sunoco gas station. The kid came home late and, having fell off his bike, he lied to his mother and told her that the injuries were caused by the white homeless man, Robert Barnes, 51.

Aleathea Gillard, 34, Shareena Joachim, 24, and Kaisha Duggins, 24, accompanied by the young teenagers, ages 12, 13 and 14, returned to the gas station to get revenge.



Photo/ Philadelphia Police


Robert Barnes died Nov. 25 after being in a coma as a result of the savage beating.


Robert Barnes at Einstein Medical Center (Photo courtesy of Diane Barnes)


Video from a surveillance camera reveals a Honda Odyssey  minivan entering the gas station parking lot, and the three adults and three teenagers assaulting Robert Barnes just outside the door of the convenience store. According to police, Duggins bludgeoned Barnes with a hammer, causing him to fall on the ground; Gillard followed by beating him savagely with a chair leg. Other, younger attackers, stomped and kicked the man’s head as he lay prone on the ground. Joachim tried to pepper-spray him but accidentally sprayed Gillard’s 13-year-old son, prompting the group, some spattered with blood, to flee to a hospital emergency room after they made their getaway. But before they did, Gillard hesitated. She pulled her son, the one at the center of the incident, toward the man, lying broken and bleeding on the pavement.

She wanted to him to see that they had stood up for the lying mini thug.

They were arrested there, according to William Bigelow at Breitbart.


Diane Barnes, Robert’s sister, told the Daily Beast that she recognized the victim when video of the attack was shown on TV because her brother was wearing boots she had given him. She stated that her brother was still conscious when paramedics arrived:

“He told the ambulance driver that he was just jumped by five black girls and beat with a hammer, so he knew what happened to him. And then when he was brought to the hospital that’s when he fell unconscious from bleeding on the brain. At that time they raced him into surgery and removed a great portion of his skull to alleviate the pressure, and of course when I went in to see him, I just lost it.”

The three teenagers pled guilty to charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy, in exchange for the DA’s dismissing attempted murder charges. But the DA has stated that homicide charges are now also probable for the teens since Mr. Barnes has since died.

The 3 women have been in custody since the violent attack.

Mr. Barnes’ mother Roseann asked, “How could you possibly do something like this, instead of asking for the truth? I knew from the beginning that he didn’t hit that kid. He’s never hurt anyone.”

His sister, Diane Barnes said, “I want this mother that did this, I want her to get the death penalty. I really do, I just think it’s terrible what she did, she brought all those people down with her, she initiated it all,” and added, ” And you know, she went there equipped with everything she needed to do this. She knew my brother, she knew him well, they all knew my brother.”

Diane has created a fundraiser for her brother’s funeral, but said she wants to raise additional money for another worthy cause, “We’re going to work with Payless Shoes and purchase a ton of work boots and donate them to a homeless shelter.”

(H/T Breitbart)

Rest In Peace Robert Barnes. Hopefully these animals will live the rest of their pathetic lives chained and locked up in a prison cell.

God Bless.

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God Bless.

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