After Beyonce’s Black Panther Tribute, Police Suffer Deadliest Week… Here’s Obama’s SICK Response


Immediately after Beyoncé’s race-baiting/anti-cop performance at Super Bowl 50 something horrible happened here in America that deserves a strong response from our president, Barack Hussein Obama. Not surprisingly he has been silent.

Six police officers across America were killed in the line of duty in just ONE WEEK!

Congratulations to Obama, Beyoncé and the NFL- you have blood on your hands.

“I cannot recall any time in recent years when six law enforcement professionals have been murdered by gunfire in multiple incidents in a single week,” National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund CEO Craig W. Floyd said in a statement Friday. “Already this year there have been eight officers shot and killed, compared to just one during the same period last year and represents a very troubling trend.”


Speaking about Obama’s disrespectful attitude to law enforcement, Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona, told Fox News, “That’s his lens on how he sees our heroes and our protectors,” adding, “that’s who he is.”

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The relative silence on officer deaths contrasts with the Democratic candidates’ often fiery language on police brutality against African Americans. When it came to the issue of law enforcement at Thursday night’s Democratic debate, the candidates focused almost exclusively on “police reform.” Vermont Sen. Sanders said he’s “sick and tired” of seeing unarmed black people shot by police, likening heavily equipped departments to “occupying armies” – a reference to Ferguson, Mo. and elsewhere. Hillary Clinton hit similar points.


These people turn the problem of violence against police officers into a discussion about violence against black (criminals) on a regular basis. Obama has always sided with the black criminals and has criticized the police.

Obama and Democrats in general view the police as the enemy. It’s obvious that they pander to the blacks to get their votes. They do that with Hispanics and gay people as well.


Here’s what GOP presidential hopeful Donald J.Trump has to say about about this.

“The police are absolutely mistreated and misunderstood, and if there is an incident, whether it’s an accident done purposely which is a horror, and you should really take very strong action or if it is a mistake, it’s on your newscasts all night, all week, all month, and it never ends,” Trump said.

“The police in our country have done an unbelievable job of keeping law and order,” Trump said.

Quite a difference between Trump and Obama, huh?

That shows you what kind of leader Trump is. Clinton and Sanders are anti-cop because that’s who liberals are. Pure scumbags.

Six police officers murdered in the days following Beyoncé’s filthy performance folks. That’s no coincidence.

God Bless. 


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