Black Power Racist Crashes TRUMP Rally… What Happened Next Had Crowd CHEERING


Donald Trump had an unexpected or at least an UNWANTED guest crash his rally in Birmingham Alabama- a #BlackLivesMatter dude. What a joke.

The black protester pulled off his sweatshirt revealing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, started doing some kind of tribal dance and screamed obscenities at the Donald.

Trump told security to get the idiot “the hell out of here!”

When security attempted to remove the moron, he flailed around like some kind of freak.

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Liberal rag sites like ‘Occupy Democrats’ (what a mess they are) and others have twisted their version of the incident saying that all the white racists beat the hell out of the poor black man. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course.


Here’s their headline-  Trump’s Rally Turns To Riot As Supporters Viciously Beat Black Protester

Wow. Anything to make a buck huh? Unbelievable and totally disgusting.

Check it out.

Funny. I don’t see a riot or the black guy getting ‘viciously beaten,’ do you? I’ll even post the video that OCCUPY DEMOCRAT GARBAGE posted with their article and let you be the judge. Be careful, they pumped the volume for the propaganda effect:


Anyways, enough about them. Back to the Donald. Fox reports that Trump promised that what happened to Democratic candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders when his speech was taken over by two young Black Lives Matter protesters would never happen to him.

Oh for God’s sake, Bernie Sanders is nothing but a filthy socialist under achieving washed up pile of garbage.


Democrats actually want this insane person in charge of our country! Of course, their alternative is Hillary Clinton. It’s a no win situation over there on the left. How embarrassing and frankly very scary…

In the speech, Trump told supporters that as president, he would be in favor of keeping surveillance on certain mosques and would like a database kept on Syrian refugees coming into the U.S. He said the White House needs to act tougher in the fight against ISIS, saying “We gotta chop that head off ISIS like they chop heads off people.”

I agree. Nuke those ISIS scumbags back to the stone age.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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