Black Scumbag Who Beat White Friend To Death With Crock-Pot For Opposing Obama Learns Her Fate


We did an article about a Black woman who viciously beat her White ‘friend’ with a fricking crock pot over a discussion over politics. The White woman criticized Hussein Obama so she got murdered by the Black scumbag. #BlackLivesMatter… Yeah? Bite me.

The Obama lover was sentenced this week so I figured I should update you.

A Detroit woman killed a friend with a slow cooker during an argument over presidential politics was sentenced Monday to at least 23 years in prison.

Tewana Sullivan, 51, beat Cheryl Livy, 66, with a slow cooker at the victim’s Livonia apartment in October. Sullivan’s defense attorney John McWilliams said his client was “drunk” at the time of the murder.

Well I hate to tell you but being drunk is no excuse. That is reserved for OKenyan’s beloved ILLEGAL ALIENS so they can drink a case of Budweiser and tequila and then run over and slaughter innocent Americans.

Tewana McWilliams said the two were arguing about the 2016 race for president.

“One was for one major political party (Black =Obama) and the other (White) was for the other major political party,” he said.

The lamestream media won’t say who was for which party but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Brooke Bosca | Top Right News reports:

The victim Livy told Sullivan she “didn’t trust” Barack Obama, and would be “voting Republican” in 2016, whereupon Sullivan became  “enraged,” as she put it, grabbed the slow cooker from the victim’s kitchen counter and began beating her with it.

“I beat her in the head and all over her body,” Sullivan admitted back in a February court appearance, where she accepted a 2nd degree murder plea bargain to avoid a 1st degree murder charge.

However, when she learned her sentence yesterday, Sullivan yelled at the judge, “You might as well execute me!” as the Detroit News reported.

Michigan does not have the death penalty.

She’ll be eligible for parole after 23 years and will get mental health care in prison. Her maximum sentence is 50 years.

She said she fears she’s “not going to make it” in prison and suggested the plea deal was a mistake.

Boo freakin’ hoo.

“It’s a little late for that now,” the judge said.

Do you think Sullivan got off too easy?

 at Right Wing News sums it up perfectly:
Livy chose her bestie very poorly. But I’m sure she never dreamed she’d be beaten to death by her closest bud for not kneeling at the feet of Obama. I don’t care if Sullivan was drunk or not – she’s a murderous demon and deserves far worse than she got. Picture someone beating another person to death with a crock pot. That’s an epic level of racial rage right there. Sullivan is right though – she might as well have been sentenced to death. She’s not even eligible for parole until she’s 74, which is as it should be. The media tried to cover up the political nature of the crime. But it figures it was a liberal Progressive who got their murderous hate on enough to beat their best friend to death over an election.


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