BREAKING: Black Terrorist Group Issues DEATH THREATS To Donald Trump, Then THIS Happens [VID]


A group of black thugs has threatened to KILL DONALD TRUMP but they haven’t been arrested. The media hasn’t reported it. This is insane!

The great Mark Dice put together an excellent video of what these scumbags are all about.

A group of black Baltimore teens posted a music video threatening to shoot Donald Trump in what they’re calling the “F**k Trump Anthem” aka CIT4DT [Chopper in the Trunk for Donald Trump] as they march down the street carrying baseball bats and shovels talking about AK-47s, hollow point bullets and 100 round drums.



Clearly these kids have been influenced by mainstream gangster rap artists like Rick Ross and others who have called for the murder of Donald Trump. Media analyst Mark Dice shows you some clips from their disturbing video, and decodes their ghetto talk.

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‘Song’ by 3 piles of trash- Abdil Ibrahim aka DooleyFunny, Tlow, and Lor Roger.


The “Kill Donald Trump” aka Fuck Donald Trump Anthem rap song aka Chopper in the Trunk for Donald Trump – CIT4DT, was produced by American Muslim Abdel Ibrahim aka DooleyFunny, whose good friend Tyshawn Francis was charged with first-degree murder and is currently serving time in prison.


Other thugs appearing in the video, calling for the assassination of Donald Trump are Tlow, and Lor Roger, who all live in Baltimore, Maryland. The upload on Dat Terance TV is a freeboot re-upload of Abdel Ibrahim’s video, and has nothing to do with the production.

Yeah man! I love the way Dice broke it down.

But folks, do you see the problem here? We have packs of black thugs running around our streets that are obviously not going to amount to anything but criminals.


Having a black president has made things worse all across the board.

Blacks aren’t better off that they were before.


Whites aren’t

Law enforcement isn’t.

Our military isn’t.

Our veterans aren’t.

Our homeless aren’t.

Illegal aliens and Muslims are the only ones that are better off under the Obama regime.

America, for the most part has been gutted by this scumbag.

That’s why we need to get DONALD J. TRUMP INTO THE WHITE HOUSE!

God Bless. 


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