Black TERRORISTS Try Bullying Black Trump Supporter, Shocked To Get THIS Instead [VID]


A black man was harassed by a violent hate group at a Donald Trump rally in St. Louis but you won’t hear about this in the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their leftist narrative.

You see, the black man is actually a Donald Trump supporter and the violent hate group isn’t the KKK- it’s Obama’s BLACK LIVES MATTERS THUGS.

The BLM thugs surrounded the Trump supporter spewing their usual hatred and racism, trying to convince the man that Trump is the white devil.

But as you will see in the video, the man will have no part of their garbage.



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YouTube video via The Alex Jones Channel

Wow. Those BLM scumbags are nasty.

“I’m voting for the future of my people,” the man said.


The BLM thug says, “There is no future for us if you vote Trump in %#$@!*&!”

The man replied saying, “I’m voting for Trump because I want JOBS not WELFARE! I don’t want to be a slave anymore.”

Thug says, “%#$!@*^&$!”

Man replies, “No I’m not. I want a job, I want to make my own money. I want to have a house. I want to take care of my self with my own money that I earn from working.”

“I don’t WANT handouts. I want FREEDOM!”

This man gets it.

BLM thugs don’t. They never will.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

God Bless. 


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  1. Kelli Anderson says:

    This is so sad. The blacks say that whites only see skin color but it seems that it’s them that are making skin color an issue. I can remember working, shopping, having lunch, and joking with my friends who were black. Color wasn’t an issue. Now, they are afraid that their black community won’t like it. We can thank Obama for this divide.

  2. Pathetic… trying make him feel bad for wanting a job, wanting to better his life and his prosterity.

  3. disqus_z400pR4acl says:

    The black man that wants a job I salute. All the other low life black assholes are on welfare free bees and that’s why they are against Trump. The lazy black and white Niggers don’t want to work because they are living off of the libtards money stolen from the working class just to get votes to bring America down.

  4. peggy wise says:

    They are no more listening to him.
    They are racist. He knows it.
    They are classless. He knows it.
    He is smart and fierce and he knows it !!
    There is your difference as to what people see when they look at you.

  5. carole smith says:

    That poor anonymous deluded dummy. He wants to stay a slave. And the old lady, telling him she wants him woke, and wants him to stay woke. All her life, through civil rights being won, with her getting a college degree, she still can’t see beyond what the left tells her to believe.

  6. Chris Despy says:

    Well well well how do they expect life to get better with there current mind set. GIMME GIMME GIMME I am to lazy and stupid to make a better life for myself. BLACK LIVES HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE how to move forward in life TAKE TAKE TAKE is the only program running in there minds.

  7. Only Blacks I saw in the video was the one supporting Trump. The rest are BLM Nwiggers, not Blacks! Blacks are decent folk who work for their families and communities to better them. These Scum only Protest and Riot! If they put as much energy into looking for a job and actually working, as they do complaining, lying, rioting, and being Racist, they could all be a success, but they are too immature and mentally deranged! If you cannot listen or let someone else have a different opinion than yours without going crazy and destroying things, then your way too immature to be voting who is to lead our Nation! All Protesters should have their Voting Rights suspended until they prove themselves worthy and mature enough to make a logical decision!

  8. Christina Dolman says:

    TRUMP supporters DON’T wear masks!! If what your standing for is sooo righteous, why are you hiding behind a mask? Could it be your just ANOTHER FUKIN THUG!! PISS ON YOU and the Oblahblah REGIME!!!

  9. Divide and Conquer that’s all democraps know, obama also wrote in his book, if it comes down to it, he will support all the Muslims and their laws, so goodbye women’s rights.

  10. Kevin Campbell says:

    There are some dum Mother fuckers right There!! I feel for that kid supporting Trump !! keep the Faith Bro Trunp will make america great again!!

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