Black TERRORISTS Try Bullying Black Trump Supporter, Shocked To Get THIS Instead [VID]

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A black man was harassed by a violent hate group at a Donald Trump rally in St. Louis but you won’t hear about this in the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their leftist narrative.

You see, the black man is actually a Donald Trump supporter and the violent hate group isn’t the KKK- it’s Obama’s BLACK LIVES MATTERS THUGS.

The BLM thugs surrounded the Trump supporter spewing their usual hatred and racism, trying to convince the man that Trump is the white devil.

But as you will see in the video, the man will have no part of their garbage.


YouTube video via The Alex Jones Channel

Wow. Those BLM scumbags are nasty.

“I’m voting for the future of my people,” the man said.

The BLM thug says, “There is no future for us if you vote Trump in %#$@!*&!”

The man replied saying, “I’m voting for Trump because I want JOBS not WELFARE! I don’t want to be a slave anymore.”

Thug says, “%#$!@*^&$!”

Man replies, “No I’m not. I want a job, I want to make my own money. I want to have a house. I want to take care of my self with my own money that I earn from working.”

“I don’t WANT handouts. I want FREEDOM!”

This man gets it.

BLM thugs don’t. They never will.

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God Bless. 


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