What Obama’s Black Thug Does To A 93 Year Old Woman Will Make You SICK!


Lock him up and throw away the key…


A psycho Black thug Clyde Alvims Leandre, 22, was caught in the act of raping a 93 YEAR OLD woman in Florida! This dude has some major issues going on, there is no doubt about that!

WSNV reports:


According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, it took several deputies to stop a South Florida man caught in the act of sexually battering an elderly woman in her apartment in Deerfield Beach Monday.

Clyde Alvims Leandre, 22, is accused of breaking into the apartment of the 93-year-old woman, who is legally blind, and restraining her on her bed, at around 2:30 in the morning.

The thug snuck into the building through an unlocked door, took an elevator to her floor, went down the hallway and entered the woman’s apartment where he attempted to rape the poor woman!

Thankfully she was able to pull an ’emergency cord’ which sounds an alarm and alerts the neighbors.


Police reported that her neighbors tried to stop the madman but they were no match considering this occurred at a retirement home .

“Some of the other residents in the building attempted to subdue the subject. However, they basically explained that he seemed to have about the strength of 10 men and was oblivious to them being in the room.”

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“Nothing can stop him, Nothing, nothing,” said neighbor Sherman Cooper.


One of the neighbors who witnessed the incident said the victim was terrified. “She was screaming, she was screaming in a bad way. She was laying on the bed holding on to the headboard, holding on for dear life,” said Eric Mally. “He’s grabbing her by the legs, pulling her up and spread them at the same time. These other two guys came in and tried to get him off, and he threw them off like they were nothing. I tried kicking him away.”

The people at the retirement home that witnessed the attack say the wanna-be rapist was totally out of control and exhibited unbelievable strength like Superman and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics (like PCP or METH) and was calling the woman someone else’s name.

Maybe it was his mothers name, who knows.

Leandre faces charges of burglary, sexual battery, resisting arrest with violence and false imprisonment. He has an extensive criminal history in Broward County dating to 2010.

The neighbors called police and they battled the freak and arrested him. The woman was taken to the hospital and will be okay physically but the mental trauma this poor woman will have to live with can never be erased.

This dude needs to be locked up and removed from civilization- period.

A splitting resemblance to our EX-Muslim in Chief- Barack Obama…

How wonderful.

God Bless.


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