Black Thug Beats And KILLS Pizza Delivery Man For THIS Disturbing Reason- Media Silent As Night




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A black punk named Corey Arrington Jr brutally beat and killed Domino’s pizza deliveryman Najeh Masaeid, all so that he could rob Masaeid of the limited funds he possessed, reports The Birmingham News:

Corey Arrington Jr., 17, is charged with capital murder during a robbery and robbery, said Birmingham homicide Sgt. John Tanks. Arrington is charged in the death of Masaeid and the November robbery of a Papa John’s deliveryman.

A resident called police at 6:45 p.m. that Sunday after discovering the Domino’s driver on the ground in the breezeway of building No. 9. The Jordanian man suffered a fatal head wound, but police have not said what was used to strike the blow.

Masaeid’s car was still running when police arrived. A warming bag holding pizzas was near the victim.

Authorities and Domino’s workers said Masaeid was delivering an order to apartment No. 924, which turned out to be vacant. The person who ordered the pizza called a couple of times to change where the pizza was to be delivered.

According to the Daily Mail, Najeh was a 63-year-old Jordanian immigrant and father of four who worked damn hard for very little, but who never once demanded anything from the government:

“He came here for the American Dream and it was shattered by American greed,” Masaeid’s daughter, Jordan Hosey, [said].

“He never ONCE went to the government for money, although his legal status entitled for him for it. HE never believed in this. His words to me were always “Nothing is free, you work, you pay for what you want, you don’t get free.”

“My Father was simply trying to earn an honorable dollar”

Yet he lies dead now because 17-year Corey Arrington thought it would be cool to call in a fake delivery so he could rob someone.
Unbelievable, right? Unfortunately, these sorts of robberies happen all the time. 

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