Black Thug Kicks 81 Year-Old Woman Off Bus Because ‘F*CK WHITEY’, Didn’t Realize THIS About Her


If you were to believe what Biden’s liberal FAKE NEWS media reports, you would think that white supremacy is the biggest problem our country is facing and that all these violent riots are because of the KKK and Nazi’s. That is absolutely false and everyone knows it.


The KKK barely exists and most of the ones that you see at these riots are actors being paid by the left.

It’s so obvious it’s ridiculous.

When was the last time the media actually reported a story about Black people committing racial violence against White people?

That being said, when it comes to the FAKE NEWS media reporting on crimes by blacks or Mexicans they basically ignore them.


Brian Anderson at Downtrend reports that they completely ignores stories about blacks committing racial violence like the black serial killer in Kansas City and the white-hating old man puncher in NYC just this week? Well, here’s another one: A black woman in San Francisco tried to kill an 81-year-old woman by throwing her out of a moving bus because of her race.

51-year-old Jacqueline Miller is black and intolerant of other races. So much so that she tried to kill an Asian woman on Friday.

There are conflicting reports on this assault. CBS SF says Miller threw an 81-year-old woman off of a subway platform while SF Gate says the woman was thrown out of a moving bus.

Either way, Miller threw this old woman and she sustained major injuries to her head.

This is from SF Gate:

Witnesses told police that Jacqueline Miller, 51, pushed an 81-year-old woman off of a bus Thursday at Third Street and Palou, then left the scene as the woman fell into the roadway and hit her head on the pavement, police said.

And this is from CBS SF:

The case began at about 8:20 a.m. when officers went to the area of Third Street and Palou Avenue in response to a call about a woman being pushed off a Muni platform, police said.

The officers found an 81-year-old woman sitting nearby, bleeding from a head wound and using a napkin to control the bleeding, according to police.

All reports agree that Miller was arrested for the assault and booked under suspicion of a hate crime:

Because Miller allegedly made statements that she assaulted the victim because of her ethnicity, a hate crime enhancement was included, police said.

Interestingly enough, CBS SF never says what the race or ethnicity of the victim is. SF Gate was kind enough to mention that she is Asian.

At this point you are probably confused that cops in San Francisco actually charged a black woman with a hate crime but remember, the victim is Asian and not white.

Also, it doesn’t appear as if the hate crime charge is related to the victim’s race.

Miller was actually charged with elder abuse so they think she is guilty of hating on the woman’s age not race, despite the fact that she said she attacked her because of her race.

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Liberals run a tight ship, don’t they?

I’m going to ask a question I have asked many times this week: in what way is white supremacy a big problem in this country?

A black racist hunted and killed 5 white men because they were white in Kansas City and the media ignored it.

A racist black thug punched an 84-year-old man in NYC while screaming, “I hate white people” and the media looked the other way. Now, a racist black woman tried to murder an 81-year-old Asian woman because of her race and all the media can talk about is how white supremacists are the biggest threat.

Where are the stories of white supremacist serial killers? Where are the stories of neo-Nazis punching old black men? Where are the stories of skinhead girls pushing elderly women out of moving busses?

There are none.

And let’s talk about these ANTIFA thugs.

All the media talks about is NEO-NAZI’S AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

They call ANTIFA “protesters…”


I hate to tell you liberal scumbags but ANTIFA are simply left-wing extremists.

Federal agencies warned of the growing likelihood of lethal violence between Antifa and law abiding conservatives as well as violence against law enforcement, military members, children and little old ladies.

Some agencies even classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence” and referred to them as “anarchist extremists.”



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