BREAKING: Black THUG Killed By Police, Here’s What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know… [VIDEO]

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Another shooting has taken place in the U.S.A. and it involves a police officer and wait for it….a black man!  Say What?!?! I know, it is truly shocking that police officers are doing their jobs and across our nation, sometimes, just sometimes they end up shooting a criminal. Just for information purposes, shootings of all colors and races happen daily across the GLOBE.


So why is in the U.S.A. that now anytime a criminal is black, it is a mass media story and all of a sudden the CRIMINAL is simply just a epic father figure and family man that was always peaceful and an outstanding member of society. Police are just running unchecked assassinating the law abiding citizens that were as innocent and pure, that never would hurt even a church mouse!

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Let us break down the latest, “race killing” that just happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Uniform officers responded to an anonymous call around 12:35am on Tuesday night. The call stated, “ A man in a red shirt selling CD’s outside of the Triple S Food Mart @ 2112 N. Foster Drive, pointed a gun at a person and told them to leave the property.”


The hate group, Black Lives Matter, has wasted no time and is already on the streets in Baton Rouge protesting and claiming oppression and the, “murdering of innocent black men” by Police Officers.


This distraction from the Hillary Clinton elite and above the law, has already spawned media and politicians jumping in rabid dogs to feed on this scenario.

State Rep. Ted James called the shooting a “murder,” saying in a statement it “has made me question what it really means to be land of the free and home of the brave.”

They are saying that Alton Sterling was a father of 5, a great man and great friend to all. Black Lives Matter hate group Leader, DeRay Mckesson has not wasted a single moment and is clamoring about Mr. Sterling’s innocence and using Sterling’s children as bait.

So what do we know about what took truthfully place that night? The Police Officers made the following statement:


“Officers “made contact” with the 5-foot-11 Sterling in the parking lot of the Triple S Food Mart, and an altercation ensued.”


We know Sterling was shot multiple times and died because of those wounds.  There is also a video, though hard to see what is going on but the sound is good.

As per policy, both officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation into the shooting continues.

What the media and leftist’s area leaving out is vital and the hate group Black Lives Matter is attempting to spin. Alton Sterling was a convicted felon and by LAW, was not allowed to own, and/or carry a firearm of any type.  Black Lives Matter and Sterling’s family are attempting to spin the facts stating, “Sterling only had a gun to protect himself from robbers.”

Last I checked, there is no clause on the statute that allows a felon to carry “‘cause he is afraid of being robbed.”  Unless you are Hillary Clinton of course, she is above the Law…

Now let us use FACTS and set aside emotion from logic, Alton Sterling was a convicted felon.  He is a registered sex offender, the felony is one of a rather evil and disgusting nature:

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Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile

Yes, that is correct, Alton Sterling was a Pedophile as well as a drug dealer, gang member and his arrest record is long and riddled with assault charges.   So as the media and hate group attempt to spin this, we must look at facts.   As of right now we do not have the facts on the shooting that took place, we must wait for the investigation to finish.  We can however look at the truth, Alton Smith was a pedophile and criminal and he owned several firearms and even threatened a person at gunpoint that very night, which was the reason the Police Officers were called in the first place.

Its another pathetic attempt to distract Americans from what is really going on as well as disgusting attempt by the hate group Black Lives Matter to use a shooting between a convicted felon and Police Officers.

I am sick and tired of this race bait hate groups and Obama’s PC America where the color of one’s skin is only important if it’s black.    Make no mistake, Black Lives Matter is a Domestic Terrorist Hate group and they go about looting and rioting every single chance they get.  They threaten lives on a daily basis, they preach that all whites need to be killed in the United States, they create videos threatening violence and murder.

Our nation has lost its identity and we have become a nation in fear, fear of hate groups and fear of a big brother.  We will continue to suffer what we tolerate.

(h/t Breitbart)

God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

He is currently a Warfighter Up DJ on The Warfighter Radio Network




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