Black Thug Knocks Old Man Out In One Punch, What His Friends Did Is OUTRAGEOUS [WATCH]

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The ‘knockout game’ is alive and well in Paterson, New Jersey as you will see in the video below.

What appears to be an old man was minding his own business when he was approached by 2 thugs.

The young black man approaches the victim and proceeds to knock him out for absolutely no reason. The thug’s sidekick caught it all on his cellphone which they proudly posted onto social media.

It shows a person walking toward a much shorter person standing on a corner as someone calls out to “hit him.” The first person then winds up and strikes the shorter person in the face and sends him to the pavement as laughter is heard in the background. The victim is lying still on the ground toward the end of the video, North reports.

Paterson Police are actively investigating the incident, calling the the video “disturbing” and thanked the public bringing this to their attention. No arrests have been made yet.


Here is the video.

Hopefully these animals are arrested and put in a cage where they belong. They have no place in society.

God Bless.


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