Black THUG Blames NON-EXISTENT WHITE MAN After He Shoots Girlfriend In The Head

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A black thug shot his girlfriend in the head and then tried to blame it on a non existent white man in Detroit, Michigan. 

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The thug, Oshae Ricky Thomas, 21, of Detroit, has been charged with assault with intent to murder and felony firearms violations.


He could face attempted murder charges.

17-year-old Marche Lowe is fighting for her life in a hospital. She is considered in “grave” critical condition with a bullet wound to her head. She is on a ventilator.

If she dies, the thug will be charged with MURDER.

Here’s how it all went down.


Police said the thug originally told investigators a white man shot his girlfriend. He told police to look for a white man driving a silver Toyota.

There you go- blame the white man you pile of trash.

Police said this story was not adding up. Investigators originally were holding the boyfriend because they found credit card skimming equipment at the crime scene, Click on Detroit reports.

Neighbors in the subdivision where the shooting took place said they didn’t hear any commotion, no car tires screeching, not even the gunshot.


“We’re more confident that we have the person responsible in custody. There isn’t a public threat,” said Chesterfield Township Bradley A. Kersten. “A weapon has been recovered. It is in our custody and in the process of being analyzed.”

Her boyfriend was a part of her life which friends and neighbors said Lowe’s mother knew nothing about. Lowe’s friends also told Local 4 the relationship was violent and he had threatened to kill the teen. They said he had a lot of cash which he allegedly obtained through illegal dealings.

Brian Anderson at DownTrend writes that he doubts that the people of Detroit were gripped with fear that a killer white guy was running around.

Daniel Young from the black website The Root wrote out a list of times white people have falsely blamed blacks for crimes and asked the question: “Why do we live in a world where this is still OK?” That’s a good question. I hope she answers it an an outraged-filled piece condemning Thomas for falsely blaming a white guy for his crime.

In a more mainstream bit of outrage, The Charlotte Observer was livid that a couple of little white kids made up a lie that a black man tried to abduct them in Once again in SC, a non-existent black man is blamed for a crime

“Sadly, it was again a story made up to try and fool the cops. Who did these two little white kids blame? The most vilified, beaten down, group in America. Black men.”

Obviously it is wrong to blame someone else for a crime, but blaming it on a person of another race is just plain racism according to those who know about these things. I would hope that unlike all other racism, this isn’t one of those things that’s only racist when white people do it. It would really strike at the SJWs’ credibility if they were hypocritical on every single aspect of racism, wouldn’t it?



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