BREAKING: Black THUGS Just Took Over MAJOR University, Demand ALL Whites GET THE HELL OUT!


More than a 100 racist black thugs have stormed The University of California, Santa Cruz campus and have taken over an administration building making totally ludicrous and racist demands. The scumbags have actually chained the front door closed and barred other openings with furniture. 

The Soros backed leftist terrorist group called African/Black Student Alliance organized the protest where nearly 200 students blockaded Kerr Hall about 1 p.m., KGO-TV reported.



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The protesters are pushing the administration to guarantee four-year housing at Rosa Parks African American Themed House, located at Stevenson College. The building is a housing option for students interested in “historical, present-day, and future experiences of predominately Black/African American peoples,” according to the university’s website.


Nice. In other words these racists want to be segregated from the blue eyed devils at the tax payers expense.

Not only that but they are demanding that the buildings be painted red, green and black, and want the university to offer diversity competency training to incoming students.

The thugs told school officials they would remain at Kerr Hall until their demands are met.


Filthy liberals are bringing food and beverages to the racists.

Hey, free rent, free food and free everything.

Currently, some students are sleeping or reading on the floor, while others are working on their laptops. Protesters stockpiled food to tide them over, and covered some windows with signs reading, “No room for anti-blackness on campus.”

“We gave the chancellor a simple, very simple list of demands that will uplift and affirm the humanity of our black people, we will be here until our demands are met and we are not leaving until our demands are met,” the group said in a statement to KGO-TV.

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Yo. Blacks have it great in America. The only blacks that are having a hard time are the ones that are useless drug addicted losers that love the thug life that has been glorified by multi-millionaire rappers and black politicians that spew hate and racism.

“Having that red, black and green house in the middle of Stevenson College, which is a predominantly white-serving college, is a matter of symbolism and visibility,” Imari Reynolds of the A/BSA told FOX News‘ host Tucker Carlson. “Black students are on this campus. We do exist and we do pay to go here, just like our counterparts and we do deserve to be seen here on this campus.”

When Tucker asked if the students’ demands amounted to segregation, Reynolds disagreed.

“We’re not asking for only black students,” she said. “We’re asking for black students to have a guarantee to live in a house that the university advertises as a house that’s meant for black students.”

“We don’t speak for the white students, the Samoan students or the Korean students,” Reynolds added. “Right now we speak for the African or black-Caribbean students who are struggling on this campus and need housing while they’re in the house that is meant to protect them and live as a safe space that is currently only being occupied by five black bodies.”

Scott Hernandez-Jason, a UC Santa Cruz spokesman, said in a statement to Fox News that the protest is peaceful and the chancellor is working with student groups to address their concerns.


“Our focus is on ensuring the safety of staff who work in the building and of the students who took over the building,” Hernandez-Jason said in the statement.

Yeah, I would pull out all employees immediately. These losers will do anything it takes to get their ludicrous message across including violence and even suing the living hell out of you for having workers keeping the place clean- discrimination and racial profiling and all that sort of sh*t.

“Chancellor George Blumenthal has been working with several student groups, including the African/Black Student Alliance and the Black Experience Team, over the past year to explore ways to effectively address some of their concerns. We’ve taken some steps forward, including hiring a recruitment specialist and a retention specialist, and continue to discuss how we can make sure that all students feel supported and have a sense of belonging.”

A sense of belonging? I’ll tell you where they belong- behind bars!

The African/Black Student Alliance is said to be one of the largest and oldest student organization at UC Santa Cruz, the university website stated.

This is totally insane and democrats own this garbage for electing a black, Muslim, racist community organizing pile of garbage for president.

Our country is totally screwed up thanks to these filthy leftist racist sons of bitches.

Again, I am NOT racist and have many black friends and employ several as well. They are the greatest people I know and love them to pieces. So if you want to call me a racist you can go to hell.

God Bless. Source- AFF

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